Could the Search Be Over?

I wrote a post a while back about my constant search for affordable and good earphones, and I even wrote about how I was always against in-ear ones because the thought of something poking on the insides of my ear felt icky. Ever since that entry I bought myself two earphones already: JBL Roxy Reference 230 and Philips SHE2675B6. Still, I wasn’t satisfied. Also after using it for a while, the Philips one started developing a “can” sound. I’m not sure what the right expression for it is but it’s like you’re listening to music inside a can and it gets really annoying. I’m still using it as my iPod Touch’s mic and phone handsfree though, it’s a really good replacement.

Going back to Jakarta from Cebu I had a stopover in Singapore and dundundun, I wanted to buy earphones again. I was so close to buying new ones and even considering these in-ear ones from Sony “Jienne Pop” which cost around $40-$50 then decided against it, I settled for an electric toothbrush instead because I have so many earphones piling up inside my bag already. Fast forward the next day after my arrival my mom gets back from a business trip in Taipei and I hadn’t really spoken to her since after a the new year because she left early from Cebu for work and for this business trip. She comes home with two things, an iHome iD91 for my sister (that I still ended up using) and *drumroll* the Sony Jienne Pop earphones that I was eyeing in Singapore.

Here’s the verdict: it is great. For its price, it sounds really great. The bass doesn’t sound cheap and very much clear and the only issue I have with it is that it’s in-ear, so I’m still getting a bit used to it but if you have no issue with that then I suggest you go out and get yourself one of these. In the US it only costs $19 but in Asia they raised the price a bit more. Oh well expected. I’m totally loving them right now and have the listening mojo back on wherever I am. Looks like the search is over for now 🙂 if ever this breaks I’m going to get myself another pair because I’m already very satisfied with it.

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  1. Hmm I’m afraid I’ve given up on earphones long ago and just use headphones. I personally use a pair of Wesc Maracas, but i’ve bought several pairs of Sennheisers (split costs with friends, obviously!) for people as birthday gifts and so on and I would swear by them. But i guess that’s not quite what you’re after… The thing I find with earphones is that I can’t hear the bass properly unless i turn it up dangerously loud – and being a jazz bass student, i need to hear the bass clearly (and older jazz recordings are awful for lower end stuff) so there’s the conundrum. I also find that earphones don’t cancel noise like headphones, and since i take the ferry to uni… well heck, they’re loud! haha.

    And it’s such a shame you couldn’t tag along with your mum! Next time you really must! And yes, Taipei just keeps getting better 🙂

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