The Happy List

Decided to join Camie’s The Happy List project! I think one of the things that keeps you going through the day, the week, the month, the year (basically FOREVER) is when you look back at the things that make you happy and focus on it.

Not only that, it’s also making me a better blogger (in terms of frequency) because I get to answer questions that’s already laid out instead of trying to cook up a blog post.

I’m actually thinking of doing product reviews on makeup I’ve recently acquired since there have been a few so far. But let’s save that on the next few posts, as long as laziness to pick up my DSLR doesn’t kick in!

Here goes my list.

  1. Updating my apps. I’m an update whore!
  2. Spending time with my sister because I rarely see her during the week.
  3. Daily LINE chats with Rob and Mark even though I’m bad at replying. Love you guys, still! 🙂
  4. Hot tea on a rainy day.
  5. When I get my eyebrows in perfect shape.
  6. Yummy street food!
  7. Knowing that I have the time to spare just to fangirl and catch up with my online fangirl world.
  8. A really good night out where I’m not too drunk but I’ve drank enough to enjoy the evening and dance the night away.
  9. Good hair days. Especially when I don’t comb my hair, because I hardly ever comb it!
  10. When someone owes me money and they pay me back and I totally forgot that they owed me in the first place. Because I rarely “collect”! Especially when it’s not such a big amount.
  11. Laughing my heart out because something is too damn funny.

Image source: Happy Trailer