Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v15

This week was pretty full in terms of life, and what a better way to end it than recalling all the happy things that took place!

1. La La Land. I watched it with my girlfriends on Wednesday and I absolutely fell in love with everything. Do I need to elaborate? I don’t think so.

2. Wednesday night dinner with the girls. The good side to adulting is when you get to catch up with friends after work and you’re all coming from different jobs, and just sit and chat and update each other with what’s been happening. It somehow felt like an episode of SATC or something too because there were 4 of us. Heh.

3. Coffee shop afternoons. When my sister has her midterms, I always drag her out to coffee shops after school so that she can sit and study instead of falling asleep at home. It also gave me a chance to fully live the “digital nomad” life for the last week since before starting my new job.

4. Bittersweet (last) week at work. This is a happy thing because I left on a good note, which I always try to maintain every time I leave a job to go start a new one. My colleagues even made me a special presentation with their notes and heartfelt personal messages! This is something I absolutely love and appreciate, when you know a person has taken the time to write to you. I cried and was thankful to have had such a great time at this company, that they allowed me to experience the digital nomad life for a good 2 years.

5. New dumb (but strong) phone. My friend got me a new Samsung Keystone 3 in white and I absolutely love it!!! I think I have quite a collection of dumb phones that I collect over the years then give away to anyone who wants it, namely my dad who’s also into them. Don’t think I’ll be giving away this one though. It was quite a challenge to find.

6. Catching up with cousins. A cousin from Melbourne and his 16 friends (YUP!) took a Cebu detour after attending a wedding in Bohol before heading to Palawan. I got to catch up with him and meet his friends last night after not seeing each other for about 2 years. It was a good time spent with relatives I don’t get to see often.

7. Seeing the love of my life. Not really. To cut a long story short, there’s this guy I’ve been “in love” with since 2005 and I don’t think he has any idea who I am. I see him around Cebu because we’re almost in the same circles and last Wednesday I saw him again. It was a good start to my year. I can’t believe I’ve had a crush on him for 12 years now. Crazy.

8. Late Christmas gifts. A special someone (not presently anymore) delivered a gift to me last Tuesday, a Burberry Brit Rhythm. The smell wasn’t really what I was used to but I’ve come to really love it and use it everyday. I got a new Lokai bracelet from my Tita in New York, and a girlfriend gave me a coin purse which has my name embossed on it. I love personalized gifts, it gives it so much more meaning.

9. A chill Friday night. After being out every night of the week this week, I am here in my cold room just writing this blog post and having the most relaxing night. While everyone is partying it up at Lifedance, I’m going to be just here under my duvet and watch my YouTube videos.

10. La La Land Soundtrack. This list started with the movie, and now ending with the music. It’s been on repeat since I finished watching the movie. Enjoy below.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v14

I was a bit surprised to find out that my last 10HT entry was 3 months ago. I’ve been having some sort of a mental struggle lately and doing this series always reminds me to be grateful of what I have, despite the all the shitty things I’m feeling.

1. Meeting Erwan Heussaff. His film crew together with Wil & Haley Dasovich (who I also met) were in Cebu yesterday to do a Cebu leg for his Overnight Travel Guide series. I had dinner at the hotel they were staying at and glad I got to catch Erwan and had a little chat with him. I’ve been following him since he did his cooking videos on Vimeo that were so raw and authentic. Absolutely proud of his success and I’m glad he was such an easy person to have a conversation with.

2. My new Kindle cover. I ordered a baby pink magnetic cover for my Kindle Paperwhite off eBay about a month ago and didn’t expect for it to arrive at all, considering the perils of Philippine customs. It was $6 (so cheap huhu) I was willing to risk so I was definitely surprised it arrived yesterday and straight to my house despite it being a standard post. Are things finally changing?

3. Sunday night birthday parties. One of my dear friends celebrated her birthday and although I was reluctant to go because of Monday work, I suggested to her that it would be good if we started early. She agreed and it didn’t stop us from having the best fun we could ever have. It was a good night.

4. A full & balanced weekend. September was a month of alcohol cleanse, rest, and bringing my health back to optimum levels. Last Friday I went hard after a while, but still keeping my sanity. On Saturday my friends and I went to visit Simala Church in the South of Cebu and I took that opportunity to just be thankful and practice gratefulness.

5. Payday Monday. I mean, that’s enough to put on this list, right? Say no more.

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v13

It’s been a good week! Here’s why:

1. Boracay! In my 28 years of living, I have finally set foot in Boracay! I went with my ex-colleagues for their 4th of July weekend trip and it was overall a great time. There were about 18 of us and it was just a full 3 days of lounging in the beach, eating good food, drinking too much alcohol, and soaking in what Boracay had to offer, whether it was completely skin-burning heat or overcast skies.

2. Holidays. Even though I don’t work in an American company anymore, I took the 4th of July off for the Boracay trip and the 6th was another holiday because of Ramadhan. I got to catch up on sleep and recharge myself. Definitely much needed.

3. Puka Shell Beach. I fell in love with Puka. It’s about 20-30 mins by trike from Boracay White Beach and although the sand isn’t as white and crisp as Station 1’s, the fact that it wasn’t that populated, had such a great sea bed to swim in and really really clear waters made it everything for me. It was also so chill, a large contrast from White Beach. If I were to go to Boracay again I would probably choose to stay in Puka.

4. Thursdays at Craft. This has become a monthly thing for us and each time it doesn’t disappoint. Last night was another one of those nights to note.

5. Subway. Sadly Subway sandwiches don’t exist in Cebu anymore, so we made sure to get it when we were in Boracay. The whole group literally flooded the store and had a sandwich party. I’ve always been a fan of Subway and the fact that it’s unavailable in my city makes it all the more tastier.

6. Jonah’s Fruit Shakes. While we’re on the topic of F&B, might as well, right? Before I went to Boracay I had about 4 friends urging me to try Jonah’s. It was definitely good! But coming from Cebu I would say it compares to a lot of local fruit shake joints here.

7. This photo (the last one taken last night). When we took this photo we didn’t plan for it to be a yearly thing. It just became such an iconic pose for us that it became natural to do it each year. Looking forward to knowing how many years we can keep this up.

8. Burgers. I’ve been so into burgers lately it’s not necessarily a good thing but it makes me happy.

9. Erik Conover & Jessica Celements’ vlogs. I am currently obsessed with this couple’s videos. It’s so weird because I’ve been following Jessica Clements’ beauty vlogs for a long time now but I had absolutely no idea she had a vlog channel with her boyfriend. They’re just so positive and full of life, not to mention two completely beautiful people.

10. MY GLOSSIER STRETCH CONCEALER!!! No words. I have finally found the best concealer that works for me.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v12

It’s been a challenging 2 weeks in terms of work ever since I got back, particularly my tolerance for stressful situations when dealing with clients. It proved me well in terms of not actually breaking down or pulling my hair out, and for that I am grateful! I’ve also been sick the past two weeks so this post will be a great exercise for me to remind me that despite the craziness there will always be good things.

1. Getting back into my daily routine. But not really. I’m not really sure how to go about this, but I’m so glad to be back and waking up in my own room and settling back into my day to day activities. Even though I got sick and have been having trouble sleeping, I’m glad it’s in my own comfort zone and not while I was traveling.

2. Sick-free for (almost) 1 year. Getting sick also reminded me that this is the first time this year and I am so thankful. I got through 2016 without getting hospitalized! In 2015 I was confined for a total of 4 times, starting April all the way up to September with many doctor visits in between but look at me this year. I hope this will be the first and the last one for a very very very long time.

3. Finally getting to use my new makeup. Work and getting sick kept me from using my new stuff (see birthday loot here) but I finally got to use them when I went out last Sunday night! I absolutely love the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette as well as my new Hourglass Lightning Powder. Lovelovelove.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy and friends were my company in between weird hours of work and blowing my nose to nothingness. I finished the 2 seasons in less than a week and it has made me exercise my brain in understanding the most bizarre of jokes and dialogues. It’s probably one of the most witty TV shows on air right now.

5. Birthday parties and reuniting with friends. After being away for almost a month–in addition to not seeing a lot of friends for a while, one of my girlfriends had a birthday party that became an instant reunion for a lot of us. It made me realize that I really have found a home with these group of people and that I don’t feel so lost in Cebu anymore, which was the case when I first arrived 4 years ago. The night went on to become morning and the next thing we knew, we didn’t wrap up until about 6am. Good times.

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v11

Welcome to the first edition of Friday’s 10 Happy Things for 2016! If you didn’t know about this project yet, it’s a blog series Helga came up with last year and it’s a great exercise to remember the positive things that happened within the week.

1. Parents’ 28th anniversary. Last weekend we celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary by doing a little family staycation in M√∂venpick Cebu. As always, a good dose of sun, sand, and sea is always something I love and look forward to and it’s impossible for me to not have a great time.

2. On the Wings of Love final week. I just realized this is the second time I’ve mentioned this in my blog series! It’s the last week before the show wraps up and although I don’t religiously watch it, I have been staying tuned every day for the past 2 weeks. I’m a fan of this loveteam so it deserves a place in this list!

3. Midweek beach break. Wednesday and Thursday were holidays in Cebu (though not for me, because we follow Singaporean holidays at work) my parents took me and my sister with them for that much needed province trip since we haven’t been “home” since last year. It was a good break from the work-from-home routine for me as I got to work at the beach for a few hours. Isn’t it amazing what internet can do?

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