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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v13

It’s been a good week! Here’s why:

1. Boracay! In my 28 years of living, I have finally set foot in Boracay! I went with my ex-colleagues for their 4th of July weekend trip and it was overall a great time. There were about 18 of us and it was just a full 3 days of lounging in the beach, eating good food, drinking too much alcohol, and soaking in what Boracay had to offer, whether it was completely skin-burning heat or overcast skies.

2. Holidays. Even though I don’t work in an American company anymore, I took the 4th of July off for the Boracay trip and the 6th was another holiday because of Ramadhan. I got to catch up on sleep and recharge myself. Definitely much needed.

3. Puka Shell Beach. I fell in love with Puka. It’s about 20-30 mins by trike from Boracay White Beach and although the sand isn’t as white and crisp as Station 1’s, the fact that it wasn’t that populated, had such a great sea bed to swim in and really really clear waters made it everything for me. It was also so chill, a large contrast from White Beach. If I were to go to Boracay again I would probably choose to stay in Puka.

4. Thursdays at Craft. This has become a monthly thing for us and each time it doesn’t disappoint. Last night was another one of those nights to note.

5. Subway. Sadly Subway sandwiches don’t exist in Cebu anymore, so we made sure to get it when we were in Boracay. The whole group literally flooded the store and had a sandwich party. I’ve always been a fan of Subway and the fact that it’s unavailable in my city makes it all the more tastier.

6. Jonah’s Fruit Shakes. While we’re on the topic of F&B, might as well, right? Before I went to Boracay I had about 4 friends urging me to try Jonah’s. It was definitely good! But coming from Cebu I would say it compares to a lot of local fruit shake joints here.

7. This photo (the last one taken last night). When we took this photo we didn’t plan for it to be a yearly thing. It just became such an iconic pose for us that it became natural to do it each year. Looking forward to knowing how many years we can keep this up.

8. Burgers. I’ve been so into burgers lately it’s not necessarily a good thing but it makes me happy.

9. Erik Conover & Jessica Celements’ vlogs. I am currently obsessed with this couple’s videos. It’s so weird because I’ve been following Jessica Clements’ beauty vlogs for a long time now but I had absolutely no idea she had a vlog channel with her boyfriend. They’re just so positive and full of life, not to mention two completely beautiful people.

10. MY GLOSSIER STRETCH CONCEALER!!! No words. I have finally found the best concealer that works for me.

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