Things I Love Thursday, #9

Sunnies Specs in Reagan Bronze

I used to wear the Alister prior, but in less than 6 months my grade shot up and wearing plastic lenses suddenly became so heavy. I tried their metal collection and was pleasantly surprised at how I loved the fit of the Reagan. What I like about Sunnies Specs is that it’s stylish but inexpensive.

Kehlani’s Distraction

Been obsessed with this song recently.

Terrace House Aloha State

Terrace House Aloha State is a Japanese reality show centered around human beings who live and interact with each other for a certain amount of time. This time, it’s set in North America so relationships and way of life are more Westernized as opposed to the original series. Everything is based among the famous Japanese simplicity of interior design and cinematography. Impatiently patiently waiting for Part 2 to come out on this side of Netflix!


I can’t really say I love Riverdale yet, but the fact that I keep watching it every week is an indication of my interest. I kind of gave up on American hour-long TV shows for a good year or more now. I think I may even love the characters more than I love the storyline, and the aesthetic is pretty great even though I don’t feel like it totally matches the supposed tone of the ensemble. I guess I was really just spoiled by the comics growing up. Let’s see how long I can keep up with it!

New MacBook Pro

It’s a work machine, and I’m so happy because I didn’t have to shell out a couple of thousand bucks for it. I finally got to replace my 2011 MBP and this time it’s 15″ and retina! Work asked me to choose if I wanted the 2016 ones but I opted for the previous line before that. I can’t live a life of dongles, not into that yet. Suddenly with retina the world is so clear.

Things I Love Thursday, #8: Vlogger Edition

I was about to tweet about the vlogs I watch, but it turned out to be more than 200 characters so an entry about it turned out to be the better option.

I wasn’t really a fan of vlogs. My previous job involved working in an office that limited creative process and that was partly to blame because we had a lot of internet restrictions. I didn’t have interest in gaining interest about the lives of others through videos so I didn’t get into it–until recently. It was only this year that I started watching and following lives of random people on the internet and I’m not even sure how it really came about. Here’s a rundown of my favorite vlogs and how I came to love them.

This is totally different from my list of beauty YouTubers (oh I watch a lot of those) so it’s not to say that I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube still.

Sam Sheffer

I’ve been following Sam since he did social media at The Verge (particularly after this entry) and had no ounce of vlogging in his system. Then he started traveling for conventions and filmed his experiences and turned them into a weekly recap vlog. His followers, including myself, started to really get into the videos so he started doing more. Have not missed a single vlog and I think it’s been about 100+ now.

What I like about him is that he is so engaging and so informed (tech culture in general considering his line of work–now Mashable) in a way that he imparts that information and spreads it so that no one gets left behind. I also love his Boosted board rides and how he lives such an organic New Yorker life, if you know what I mean. Very millenial Casey Neistat version.

What I like: boosted board shots and the way he talks.

Erik Conover (with Jessica Clements)

Erik seems to be a very genuine and appreciative person, and you just can’t help but feel happy for their lives. A lot of positivity and good vibes radiate from his vlogs and we take an almost very personal peek into what their lives and travels are like. It’s crazy how you can feel so connected to a person by just watching 8-10 minutes of their life on camera.

What I like: his use of 1930s – 1950s (?) New York or French style of music for his B-roll or timelapse and normal day to day life in NYC.

Jon Olsson (with Marcus Valeur)

Jon Olsson is a pro ski athlete and vlogs daily with the help of Marcus, aka his cameraman and video blog producer. As they say, two heads are better than one and it is very apparent with the content that’s being put out. Jon’s living the life and gets to take Marcus with him too. It’s quite a new concept of vlogging, having a cameraman, as opposed to just using the viewfinder to help you out. Even the color grading is on point. Watch and you will see what I mean when I say I love this duo SO SO much.

What I like: Marcus (!!!!), his girlfriend Janni, and Jon’s obsession with anything and everything.

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Things I Love Thursday, #7

I am resurrecting this blog series from its 7 month hiatus! So many things have happened since I wrote the last TILT. There were more things I loved and have probably forgotten, but in an attempt to enumerate all the things/experiences I recently loved, here’s one resurrection entry.

MAC Eyebrow Crayon in Delineated

This self-sharpening crayon is a brow product I’ve come to love so much.

According to MAC:

Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow-defining. Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour and/or density in one streamlined tool. Like a pen, creates its own just-right point for striking arches. Easy to tote around – no sharpener needed.

I’m a bit scared because I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks and I can feel like I’m using it up already. I’ve always been against pencils and pens in general when it comes to brows because I’m so used to gels and powders, but this has made me a convert and I will continue to repurchase this as long as I have the money to buy brow products.

4Fingers Chicken

My colleague took me to 4Fingers in ION during my recent Singapore business trip and I loved it. I’ve always been a fan of Korean chicken but BonChon just doesn’t cut it for me, you know? My chicken experience in Seoul was so great but whenever I eat BonChon I feel like I’m eating fake chicken (SORRY!). I initially thought 4Fingers would be the same when it was introduced to me, but bam. It had so much flavor that BonChon falls flat in comparison. I’m even craving for it right now.

Boost Singapore

I want to try everything! Their juices are so great. I’ve always been going to Smoothie King but when I tried Boost it was just so much better for me that it’s becoming another not-in-Cebu SG craving. I also found out my cousin who studies uni there works in Boost part-time! Can’t wait to get free juice when I get back. We don’t even have Jamba Juice in Cebu. Sadface.


I’ve been enjoying this show more than I would have liked. I admit I do have a soft spot for Josh Peck because I was such a huge fan of Drake & Josh that I’ve silently followed their career path after that show. I also admit this is the first time I’ve really paid attention to John Stamos. He plays his character so well. I’m going to keep watching until I get bored, or whatev. The good thing, the show just got a full-season renewal, so yay for that!

Starbucks x Moleskine

As a fan of Moleskine products, I was excited about the Starbucks SG x Moleskine collaboration this year—mostly because it also meant I could easily get it. Last year it was Starbucks Korea x Moleskine and I never got the chance to get it because shipping fees would be a bitch if my Korean friend mailed it to me, and with the whole PH Post Office dud stories I figured it wasn’t worth it. My colleague got me the SG Moleskine planner and it’s what I use for work notes and meetings now. I love it! When I found out that Starbucks PH also collaborated with Moleskine in not only one but 2 editions, that made me looked forward to it too. I mean, drinks and a Moleskine in comparison to just buying an actual Moleskine has so much more value to it, right? Just agree with me.

I’m actually excited to be bringing back this series again!

Things I Love Thursday, #6

I really want to do this post regularly but I seem to be drawn to Sunday Currently posts more. Anyhoo, I got such a perfect opportunity because it’s a nice Thursday to think about what I’ve been enjoying recently.

1. The Way Way Back

I watched this movie last Sunday night and really enjoyed it. It somewhat made me realize that I am mostly drawn to coming-of-age themes in movies. Not necessarily YA, but topics like finding yourself and realizing who you are and what you want to be, regardless of someone young or someone old.

2. Clue app

Clue is what I use for tracking my period. Even better, it reminds me to take my pills on time. It’s so efficient because it’s quite accurate and allows me to enter different moods as well. A 16yo girl’s post on Tumblr pretty much summarizes the points of why Clue is so awesome. This app has really helped me not miss taking my pills, which in turn, is helping me finally regulating my period even after just a month of of medication. Goodbye PCOS? Surprisingly, I’m doing really well. I hope this continues even when I’m off them!

3. Belly-dancing

I have been quite poor in attending my yoga sessions lately but I have been “upping” my zumba for about 4-5 months now, 3 times a week. Our instructor also happens to be a belly-dancing instructor so she likes to incorporate that into our sessions. I never realized how complex and hard it was. Three songs in and it is HARD work! Now I kind of want to get more into it because it really helps with your core. There are times that it even contributes more to my body sore percentage after a good workout.

4. Benefit Bad Gal Lash

I got this in a sample size from the March Birchbox UK box. In related news, I actually just bought the Benefit Roller Lash last month and while I quite like that one (I am only becoming a mascara person now), I realized how much I love Bad Gal Lash so much more. It keeps the natural look of my lashes without clumping it, or being too wet, or being too dry and flaky and it’s really easy to remove! This goes without saying that even with the Roller Lash I actually still have to curl my lashes because they are just. that. stubborn. There’s no other way. Sigh.

5. A certain someone..

We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Things I Love Thursday, #5

Can you believe it’s been 3 years since my last TILT? 2011! Well then, let’s proceed!

1. LORAC Pro 2 Palette, about $42


I got mine last weekend and I have been using it every single day since. My first major palette was the LORAC Stylist (Naked, what?) so it made perfect sense to me that I would purchase the LORAC Pro 2. It seems like US-based beauty bloggers prefer the original LORAC Pro to this one, but I feel like I can do more looks with this 2nd one and it also looks friendlier to my skin tone. I’m excited for my journey with this palette!

2. NARS Audacious in Vivien, about $32

As much as I want to include so many other beauty-related things (ahem, Real Techniques Nic’s Picks set, ahem).. I promised I wouldn’t make this list makeup-centric so this will be the last beauty item! I bought this sometime last month and if only I had lesser things to pay for I would definitely get me more of these. Imagine, there are about 40 colors in this line and at almost Php1800 per lipstick, it’s not exactly impulse buy friendly. But I love it so much and it could be the best lipstick I own. I seriously thought I was happy with my MACs. The forumla is amazing, the application is great and the color is so damn pretty. I am also happy I chose Viviene among all the others colors. It’s great for every day wear but it’s also wearable for special occasions.

3. GrabTaxi Promos in Cebu

GrabTaxi has been around in Cebu since early this year but it’s only now that we’re being spoiled by promos. Last month was the -P100 fare and now until the 21st of December they’re currently offering -P50 fare which still isn’t bad. It’s so useful and I save a lot of money. It’s also so much safer to go home because my work schedule ends at exactly midnight!

4. Sims FreePlay

I have been playing this game nonstop on my iPad Mini for about 3 weeks now. It looks so good on the retina versions, compared to when I played it on my old iPhone a couple of years ago that I ended up uninstalling it. I’ve even resorted to spending money on LPs and Simoleons. Help! There are no cheats for this damn thing and there are times I just get too impatient that I end up reducing App Store credits.

5. Roommate Season 2

Roommate is a Korean variety show where they house different celebrities from different industries and age groups, put them in one big amazing house and let them do challenges. It’s sort of like a wholesome family friendly version of Celebrity Big Brother minus the Big Brother aspect and being quarantined in a house 24/7. The celebrities still go to work or whatever activities they need to do but they must go home to this house. Cameras also get to follow them when they go to the supermarket or buy things for the house. It’s so much fun! I’ve only gotten into it with Season 2 and I have been loving the new cast and the activities they do. I might be out of touch with Korean entertainment lately, but Roommate is awesome.