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Things I Love Thursday, #6

I really want to do this post regularly but I seem to be drawn to Sunday Currently posts more. Anyhoo, I got such a perfect opportunity because it’s a nice Thursday to think about what I’ve been enjoying recently.

1. The Way Way Back

I watched this movie last Sunday night and really enjoyed it. It somewhat made me realize that I am mostly drawn to coming-of-age themes in movies. Not necessarily YA, but topics like finding yourself and realizing who you are and what you want to be, regardless of someone young or someone old.

2. Clue app

Clue is what I use for tracking my period. Even better, it reminds me to take my pills on time. It’s so efficient because it’s quite accurate and allows me to enter different moods as well. A 16yo girl’s post on Tumblr pretty much summarizes the points of why Clue is so awesome. This app has really helped me not miss taking my pills, which in turn, is helping me finally regulating my period even after just a month of of medication. Goodbye PCOS? Surprisingly, I’m doing really well. I hope this continues even when I’m off them!

3. Belly-dancing

I have been quite poor in attending my yoga sessions lately but I have been “upping” my zumba for about 4-5 months now, 3 times a week. Our instructor also happens to be a belly-dancing instructor so she likes to incorporate that into our sessions. I never realized how complex and hard it was. Three songs in and it is HARD work! Now I kind of want to get more into it because it really helps with your core. There are times that it even contributes more to my body sore percentage after a good workout.

4. Benefit Bad Gal Lash

I got this in a sample size from the March Birchbox UK box. In related news, I actually just bought the Benefit Roller Lash last month and while I quite like that one (I am only becoming a mascara person now), I realized how much I love Bad Gal Lash so much more. It keeps the natural look of my lashes without clumping it, or being too wet, or being too dry and flaky and it’s really easy to remove! This goes without saying that even with the Roller Lash I actually still have to curl my lashes because they are just. that. stubborn. There’s no other way. Sigh.

5. A certain someone..

We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

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