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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v1


I feel like the only way I can quickly express my feelings through blogging is by making lists. It’s been a recurring theme ever since the year started. I think I prefer to do it otherwise I start to ramble and so many words start spewing out of my mind and I become incoherent.

Decided to participate in Helga‘s Friday’s 10 Happy Things because well, life has been pretty awesome lately. Even if it isn’t, it’s always good practice looking back on things that make you happy even though life shits bricks at times. Here goes my list!

1. Last weekend’s Singapore trip. This can stem into a lot of sub-happiness plots.. and will be a recurring theme in this list. It was short, but all worth it.

2. #JKTinvadesSG. After last year’s memorable Cebu trip (#JKTinvadesCebu), we made sure we would try our best to see each other at last once a year. Thank goodness we live around Southeast Asia so traveling to reunite makes it a little easier than most friendships that are spread around the world.

3. My boyfriend. We make each other happy, and I think that’s a pretty good feat in itself, no?

4. Best friend is in Cebu!! After our Singapore trip, my best friend decided against buying a return ticket back to Jakarta and took a detour to Cebu to be with me instead. She’s staying here indefinitely (being a freelance artist, she has that perk to work anywhere and anytime in the world) and I couldn’t be more happier!

5. May = birthday month. I always get the freakies when I’m about to turn a year older. Then I realize not much has changed and age will always be a number. I’m still me, just with more experiences and more lessons learned along the way. Cheers to that!

6. Communication Technology. Whether it’s social media, chat apps, Skype, I am so grateful for all of these. Many things in my life wouldn’t be possible without the existence of communication because of technology. It’s how I catch up with friends and family around the world.. especially now that my boyfriend and I are long distance, it’s even more precious and significant.

7. Chocolate. I have been having a lot of throat and respiratory problems all throughout April and I ate my first chocolate yesterday after so long. Aaahhhh. HAPPINESS.

8. Sephora SEA Black Card VIP. Sucks that there’s no Sephora in the Philippines (yet), but when I go to Singapore I always splurge on makeup, and I finally got upgraded to being a black card holder during my last visit. Hah.

9. Excitement. My boyfriend is apparently planning a “suprise” visit and although I HATE IT that I don’t know when (my friends know, ugh, how is that possible), I can’t help but feel excited at the same time. I’m super torn between my dislike for surprises and the whole excitement coming from anticipation.

10. My birth control pills. I’m on my second pack (out of the prescribed 6 for my PCOS) and I don’t wanna jinx this but I am just soooooo happy it hasn’t given me any shitty side effects. Can I get a fuck yes? FUCK YES.

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  1. Helga Gabrielle Weber says


    And listicles are the best haha, so easy to read and write.

    Thank you for joining. <3

    Helga |

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