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Last Day of 26

I didn’t really want to start the entry on this note but I just need to say that I have been so tired the whole day yesterday. I slept at 4am the previous day to finish work, then woke up at 9 to start work, then off to my next job at 3, in between those, calls with my boyfriend for some good pep talk about how I can deal with life, then zumba/bellydancing class at night, a birthday dinner, then more work, then more boyfriend phone calls. By the end of the night (or start of the day), this resulted in me tweeting:

Obviously these are all happy “tireds” because how can I not be thankful that I’m living this life? I needed to write this entry to be reminded and be grateful for everything I have. There are things that are obviously not perfect but the most important thing is I am breathing, eating, working, and all my senses are in tact.

Despite being so tired I can’t even sleep yet. The next time I’m heading to sleep I’m already a year older, whew. 27 is a bit of a pressure because you’re still in your 20s, but it’s the last age to be officially called “mid-20s” and most of all, it’s near the big 3-0. The questions start pouring in, like, “What have you accomplished in life,” or “What have you done to make your 20s worthwhile,” or “How do you intend to spend the rest of your formative years as a true blue adult?” It all gets jarring at some point because all I want to say is, “I’M HAVING FUN AND ENJOYING MY LIFE THANKYOUVERYMUCH FOR THE CONCERN!” That’s consideration.

My mom got married at 27, a lot of rock stars died at 27, a friend told me he reached a milestone at 27 and if you know me well, you know how much I stress about age just before my birthday, it’s ridiculous and has been going on since I turned 15. So I figured why not let myself rant this once and move on.

Nothing else to say, except.. bring it on!

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