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#TBT Birthday Edition

Edit: All blog posts from 2005-2009 have been archived.

Today, I am officially 27. My birthday hasn’t fallen on a Thursday since the year 2009 and even then, I don’t think #ThrowbackThursday was a thing yet. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade now, and an idea came to me last night to look back on all my past birthday entries that I decided to just document it all in one post. This is more for me than anyone else, a chance to look back on the person I’ve come to be, the changes that have happened in my life and whatever the past 10 years did to me.

2006 – Seventeen

The year I moved back to Cebu alone to start college. Little did I know it was about to become one of the craziest years of my life.


My 18th birthday, and the time I was most active in the blogosphere and made the most friends online.

2007 – Nineteen & Birthdayphiles

Nineteen was a shameless post on comment baiting people to greet me on birthday, while Birthdayphiles talked about that one crazy birthday party.


For some reason I didn’t have an entry in any of my blogging sites (maybe I did, but probably deleted, idk I had all sorts of blog sites then that I purged), but I found that photo on Facebook. This was during the time my mom was going through chemo but she made sure I still had a party.

2009 – 21

I was super active on Tumblr this year. I wanted to find more birthday posts but it’s just too much hassle going through Tumblr archives. I realized that I really am over that phase.

2010 – Double Two in Two Days

One of my favorite pre-birthday posts. Around the time I started writing about how turning older definitely freaks me out.

2011 – On Feelings & When I Turned Twenty Three

On Feelings talked about trying to get over someone. It doesn’t really talk about my birthday in a detailed aspect, but it was a pretty pivotal time in my life. When I Turned Twenty Three was an overdue post on my birthday celebration with close friends back in Jakarta.

2012 – Sleep Deprived & Blog That Talk

The year when I finally moved back to Cebu indefinitely! On a side note, can’t believe it’s been 3 years now. Wow. My mom came to visit that month and there I was again unable to sleep because of pre-birthday jitters. Always happens. Blog That Talk is a summary of events that transpired during my birthday.

2013 – Quarter Life

Quarter Life was a short questionnaire that was lazily posted just to have something up on my birthday. It makes me look back on past interests.

2014 – A Year OlderTwenty Six

A Year Older is another one of those entries about me stressing out over my upcoming birthday. Twenty Six, on the other hand, was written 2 months after my birthday and possibly one of my most favorite blog posts. Every time I read it I still feel that heavy tug on my heart.

There you go. Damn, I’ve been blogging for a pretty long time. 10 more minutes left until my birthday is over in this part of the world and once again, just like ever year, I learn that age is just a number.


  1. Woah!!! I wish I have kept rin the posts I’ve written about my birthdays for the past years na I’ve been blogging but I moved domain names quite a lot so malabo! But Happy happy birthday, Justine! 🙂

    • Thank you, Sherica! Actually I got this domain 2011 lang. I debated on importing all my past archives here from when I started blogging talaga but I was like what the heck.. PUSH! That’s why I have so many posts from way back when haha.

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