Sleep Deprived

I’ve been sleep deprived like heck. This started Sunday last week when I just couldn’t lock down a solid sleep cycle. I end up waking up then doing random power naps but in the end it still leaves me with a bad headache. Doesn’t also help that ToM decided to make its monthly visit so I’ve been feeling lethargic.

Mom finally arrived last Wednesday and I couldn’t be anymore happy šŸ™‚ this whole sleep-deprived thing is like just unconsciously making me suffer but it’s not end game. I’ve been going to work and having fun like usual albeit just a little disoriented. I sleep in the morning and wake up in a few hours. It’s gonna take a toll sooner or later but I don’t think I’m going to be able to get it back in the next couple of days at least while my mom’s still here.

Even my eyes hurt right now as I type this. It’s 3:40am and I just had a meal so I definitely can’t sleep yet and I have to be up early later to go out of town and see the whales down South. What a way to start my pre-birthday weekend eh? Here’s to turning 24.

Happy but sleep-deprived.


  1. Michael Lutaos
    May 21, 2012

    We are in the same situation! I also can’t get a straight sleep. As for me, this started because of my bad sleeping pattern. I always stay up late, and never get to sleep on time. Whew.

  2. Joni
    June 20, 2012

    Justine! You moved to a new domain na pala! Hehe. Subscribing now.. and catching up on the “blogosphere” LOL

  3. Kevin
    June 21, 2012

    If this is a (pre-) birthday post, then I must say this is such an uneventful birthday post. Loosen up! You really should. šŸ™‚


    1. Justine
      June 22, 2012

      I haven’t blogged in so long, so many things have happened since then and I definitely had an awesome birthday! Haha like I said in this post I was happy.. maybe it just didn’t show through my words?


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