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Motherduck and Workstuff

I’m so excited because my mom’s coming home in a few days! What a perfect Mother’s Day surprise and a birthday gift rolled into one. I haven’t seen her in 3 months and I’m glad I’m going to see her again even if it’s just a week or two. The person I miss the most in this world though, my sister, will be coming home in about a month too. Cannot wait to be finally reunited with her. I miss that brat too much.

I told myself I’d make a “THINGS TO DO AND BUY WHILE MOM’S HERE” list but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Work has a way of surprising me with good little things (and big things) and it keeps me happily busy. I hope this streak of getting excited with work really sticks. I’m so happy with all that it’s giving me.. of course except for the minor hurdles and dealing with people with different attitudes, so far it’s giving me the exposure I’ve always been wanting to have.

One more thing, here’s this “call center” thing in the Philippines that has somewhat of a misconception. Yes, I work in a company that operates in that nature but it is just a part of it. It’s funny how people totally overlook the other departments. I joined a friend and his friends whom I just met for a quick bite before work today and they were all, “Oh you work in a call center, it must be tiring.” I felt like I didn’t have to prove anything so I didn’t really explain myself how I work in Marketing, develop products, have the most fun and don’t call people for a living. It just so happens that I work in a company with such nature. People can say what they want to say, as long as I’m happy with what I’m doing that’s all that matters. Just wanted to get that out, and anyway people can choose what they want to do for a living, as long as it’s something of moral then go, go, go.


  1. Hi Justine!

    Happy for you and your mom! Where had she been in those 3 months, if you wouldn’t mind?

    Anyway, my mother once worked in a call center too. She works with the call stuffs, though, but I understand that call centers have different departments and not all gets to answer calls.

    • I just moved back to the Philippines while my mom’s still abroad. My mom’s over for a visit right now.

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