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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v2


1. Fun day Monday! Last Monday was a holiday for us so a few friends and I took an impromptu drive to the South of Cebu where we literally chased (5 levels!) waterfalls, and ended the day with a dip in the beach waiting for the sun to set on the horizon right before our eyes. Despite the long drive, it was such a great day for all of us.

2. Being a year older. I had a very extended birthday weekend that stretched from Last Thursday to Monday. I thought nothing could ever top last years’ birthday festivities that stretched up to 10 days, but this year comes close and up to par. I’m always thankful.

3. Signed books! Working in a book publishing company comes with perks, and I received not 1, but 3 signed books from well known authors. I was greeted with a UPS box when I got back to the office with signed hardback books by Jojo Moyes, Gayle Forman, and Lisa Jackson.

4. Accidental make-up ban. Ever since I got back from Singapore I have not bought a single cosmetic. I ran out of my favorite tinted moisturizer and my best friend surprised me by buying one for my birthday!

5. Pay day Friday. Need I say more?

6. A very productive yet tiring work week. I complain about brain drain a lot from working 2 jobs.. but at the end of the day/week I am glad to be doing things that I actually like.

7. Excitement for my boyfriend’s arrival. Auuugghhhh.

8. My mom’s non-serious lab results. She’s been complaining about pain in her hips for a few weeks now and she finally had it checked yesterday. There goes my freaking out again. Having history of breast cancer, these tests are always so nerve wracking for the both of us. Results came out with no sign of cancer (THANK GOD) but she has to take maintenance meds for her kidney stones.

9. Sims Freeplay. After a long day of work, this gives me back the mental balance I need.

10. Yesterday’s yoga class. It gets so grueling at times especially in the middle of practice, but I am ALWAYS so glad I do it at the end.

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