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Things I Love Thursday, #8: Vlogger Edition

I was about to tweet about the vlogs I watch, but it turned out to be more than 200 characters so an entry about it turned out to be the better option.

I wasn’t really a fan of vlogs. My previous job involved working in an office that limited creative process and that was partly to blame because we had a lot of internet restrictions. I didn’t have interest in gaining interest about the lives of others through videos so I didn’t get into it–until recently. It was only this year that I started watching and following lives of random people on the internet and I’m not even sure how it really came about. Here’s a rundown of my favorite vlogs and how I came to love them.

This is totally different from my list of beauty YouTubers (oh I watch a lot of those) so it’s not to say that I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube still.

Sam Sheffer

I’ve been following Sam since he did social media at The Verge (particularly after this entry) and had no ounce of vlogging in his system. Then he started traveling for conventions and filmed his experiences and turned them into a weekly recap vlog. His followers, including myself, started to really get into the videos so he started doing more. Have not missed a single vlog and I think it’s been about 100+ now.

What I like about him is that he is so engaging and so informed (tech culture in general considering his line of work–now Mashable) in a way that he imparts that information and spreads it so that no one gets left behind. I also love his Boosted board rides and how he lives such an organic New Yorker life, if you know what I mean. Very millenial Casey Neistat version.

What I like: boosted board shots and the way he talks.

Erik Conover (with Jessica Clements)

Erik seems to be a very genuine and appreciative person, and you just can’t help but feel happy for their lives. A lot of positivity and good vibes radiate from his vlogs and we take an almost very personal peek into what their lives and travels are like. It’s crazy how you can feel so connected to a person by just watching 8-10 minutes of their life on camera.

What I like: his use of 1930s – 1950s (?) New York or French style of music for his B-roll or timelapse and normal day to day life in NYC.

Jon Olsson (with Marcus Valeur)

Jon Olsson is a pro ski athlete and vlogs daily with the help of Marcus, aka his cameraman and video blog producer. As they say, two heads are better than one and it is very apparent with the content that’s being put out. Jon’s living the life and gets to take Marcus with him too. It’s quite a new concept of vlogging, having a cameraman, as opposed to just using the viewfinder to help you out. Even the color grading is on point. Watch and you will see what I mean when I say I love this duo SO SO much.

What I like: Marcus (!!!!), his girlfriend Janni, and Jon’s obsession with anything and everything.

Jenn Im

I don’t watch Jenn’s vlogs too often, but when I do it’s always so pleasant on the eyes and ears. She has such a great selection of music and the graphics she uses are on point. I think one of the biggest factor of her vlogs and appeal is definitely her voice and her ability to verbalize everything so well. It’s so soothing and a huge part of why she is so interesting.

What I like: her voice, her sunny disposition, great music and editing skills.

Casey Neistat

You’ll probably be annoyed that I started watching everybody I mentioned here before I watched Casey. I knew how much of a great influence he is on YouTube and I am aware of his impact in the online world but I wasn’t really drawn to his content until recently. I am catching up on him little by little and now I know why he is the inspiration of probably 95% of the content creators in this entry. He has created his own brand of editing skills, storytelling, concept, and most of all, great content.

What I like: he set the benchmark for daily vlogging. That’s a pretty great feat.


  • Edward Avila & Joan Keem – More on their life in Korea than their beauty vlogs.
  • Wil Dasovich – Best Filipino vlogger in my opinion. He can get a little annoying but it’s part of his overall charm. His sister Haley just started vlogging full time as well. Yes, I also watch his best friend Daniel Marsh.
  • Christian LeBlanc – I only got into him during his trip to the Philippines but after that I became a bit selective with his content now. Also, king of clickbait.
  • Amber’s Ranting Monkey on KSTYLETV – Amber Liu is a K-pop star from the group f(x) and she vlogs! Very personally, in fact. Absolutely love her and how down to earth she is.
  • Aja Dang (with Brian Puspos) – Aja doesn’t post consistently and doesn’t keep a daily schedule, but I enjoy most of her videos that are about her day to day life.

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