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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v12

It’s been a challenging 2 weeks in terms of work ever since I got back, particularly my tolerance for stressful situations when dealing with clients. It proved me well in terms of not actually breaking down or pulling my hair out, and for that I am grateful! I’ve also been sick the past two weeks so this post will be a great exercise for me to remind me that despite the craziness there will always be good things.

1. Getting back into my daily routine. But not really. I’m not really sure how to go about this, but I’m so glad to be back and waking up in my own room and settling back into my day to day activities. Even though I got sick and have been having trouble sleeping, I’m glad it’s in my own comfort zone and not while I was traveling.

2. Sick-free for (almost) 1 year. Getting sick also reminded me that this is the first time this year and I am so thankful. I got through 2016 without getting hospitalized! In 2015 I was confined for a total of 4 times, starting April all the way up to September with many doctor visits in between but look at me this year. I hope this will be the first and the last one for a very very very long time.

3. Finally getting to use my new makeup. Work and getting sick kept me from using my new stuff (see birthday loot here) but I finally got to use them when I went out last Sunday night! I absolutely love the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette as well as my new Hourglass Lightning Powder. Lovelovelove.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy and friends were my company in between weird hours of work and blowing my nose to nothingness. I finished the 2 seasons in less than a week and it has made me exercise my brain in understanding the most bizarre of jokes and dialogues. It’s probably one of the most witty TV shows on air right now.

5. Birthday parties and reuniting with friends. After being away for almost a month–in addition to not seeing a lot of friends for a while, one of my girlfriends had a birthday party that became an instant reunion for a lot of us. It made me realize that I really have found a home with these group of people and that I don’t feel so lost in Cebu anymore, which was the case when I first arrived 4 years ago. The night went on to become morning and the next thing we knew, we didn’t wrap up until about 6am. Good times.

6. Wee hours. Because I was so busy with work this week, one of our nights out ended up with the guys bringing over a case of beer at home and me just destressing, long conversations, drinking and talking the night away. I love nights like those.

7. Buying necessities. My desk lamp and dressing table lamp bulbs have been wonky these past few months, and my new laptop from work doesn’t have a adapter for PH sockets yet. I finally dragged my lazy ass to go to True Value and bought them.

8. Challenging work projects. I always love a good challenge as long as it is right up my alley. There’s nothing wrong in constantly oiling the machines of your brain and getting solving problems that provide results.

9. New MacBook Pro battery. The new battery I bought finally arrived and I got to change it myself! The box came with screws so all I had was a YouTube tutorial, my screws, and my willingness to perform the change and finally get rid of my bulging battery. My MBP kind of feels like new now, and I can finally press on the trackpad like normal. Happy 5 years to my MBP this year!

10. My new crush. Fuck being too old for crushes right? Ahhhh. Gotta love that kilig feeling.

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