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The Sunday Currently, v18

Healthwise, better than I ever did last week. My nose isn’t clogged anymore but I still have a bit of a cold in the form of excess phlegm (sorry for the visual). A bit nervous too, because I’ll be starting the GM Diet this week. I feel like I ate too much during my trips last month that I need to detox.

I watched Zootopia today and incredibly enjoyed it. Now I’m annoyed at myself for not catching it in the cinema. There are so many movies I haven’t watched in the cinema this year. Boo me!

To get my finances in tact. I really need to be more financially responsible.

For this week to be kind of to me, both mentally and physically!

About where I put my earphones because I need them — my pink Urbanears Kransen. I absolutely love them and have been using them nonstop since I bought them last year. They haven’t conked out on me and have been surprisingly durable with better than average sound.

To go back to yoga again. It’s been almost 2 months.

My Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I’ve been raving about this ever since I started using it.


  1. My husband started with Zootopia the other day, but I wasn’t paying attention because I was reading a book. I know it’s fun, but we have to watch it again! 😀

  2. You’ll get there with your finances. I was once a mess as well before, but now I can see that I’m doing well. It’s funny that once you see your money growing in the bank, you’re turning into a cheapskate.

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