Hello 2013!

I rang in the new year looking this happy and excited when the clock struck 12 and the balloons came down. I hope the rest of the year will be full of happiness and excitement just like this moment. I hope for balloons and unicorns to fall my way instead of dark clouds and sad rain. 2012 was a great year for me, here’s to 2013 stepping up its game! Love lots, Justine

Mid-year Resolution Check

In my previous entries I keep mentioning how I hardly (or never) get to write in my 2012 journals anymore. It’s sad. So I went ahead, took one of them to revisit and lo and behold I found one that states my resolutions for the year. I just realized I had such nice ones.. But no. 2 is quite a fail. Sigh. Now that more and more things happen to me that’s when I fail to write them down. Can I change this for the second half of the year? July is here so fast and I feel like if I don’t write even a single bit time it just gonna pass me by so quickly and the next thing I know the memories will be gone. So here’s to strengthening resolution no. 2!! Cheers.