Third Culture Friendship

I just got home from a pretty long day and I’m so happy to be flopped in my bed (and possibly watch Personal Preference–see post below). There are some things going on in my life right now that I don’t really agree to, hopefully these “things” are for the better and will give me a few answers I need in life i.e. where I’m headed, what I’m supposed to do, how do I breakaway and everything in between. I don’t wanna dwell too much on it because I’m trying to practice living in the moment, so let’s just leave it as it is for now.

While on the way home last night with bff to drive Paul & Patrick after hanging out, the four of us got into a conversation about our friendship. I have always called these people “The Core” because I consider these people as my core support system in Jakarta. We were talking about how much we missed hanging out especially since everyone’s so far from each other, or doing their own thing like being in college in another country, in my case venturing into the “real world” (aka corporate slavery). When Patrick’s back from Manila he always talks about how much he misses everything we do and our weekend routines even though life is quite great in the homeland. There was a point where Paul said, “I think we need to find new friends..” To everyone’s agreement I said, “I have lots of new friends but I love this friendship, no one can ever change that.” It’s the irreplaceable kind because as third culture kids our needs and wants are interconnected and when we talk about our challenges, each one of us get each other because there’s that certain bond that comes with it.

It just made me realize how far our friendship has reached. We were around 6-10 years old when we started becoming friends and here we are now 16-22, when we’re together it feels like home. Which always brings me to a thought about my own identity because being a TCK, I’m not really sure where I belong. Does this mean that it triggers my doubt of self-belonging even more? Sometimes I think too much.

Minimal Saturday

After deciding on countless themes and designs for this blog, I finally settled with this one. It’s white, it’s clear, no fuss with just a humble colorful banner like the one above. I named it Infinitely Interesting after an Incubus song called Echo which says:

Could you show me dear
Something I’ve not seen
Something infinitely interesting

It sorta means that I hope with this blog I get to unravel all the interesting things and hopefully share them making it infinitely interesting. I also wanted to find an excuse to quote my favorite band of all time and its amazing lyricist Brandon Boyd and that part of the song just spoke to me.

Today is a pretty chill Saturday, I was supposed to have brunch with my closest high school friends to celebrate our friendship of almost a decade but since one of us couldn’t make it we moved it to another time, hopefully next week. I’ve been friends with these guys for so long and they’re the ones who made me get through most of my high school days, I love them to bits. Also Patrick, one of my good friends who’s studying in Manila right now is also back for vacation in Jakarta so I’m definitely excited for that and can’t wait til we get to hang out again.

I definitely slept in this morning (FUCKYEAH) and woke up just before noon and since there was no clear agenda I just decided to finish up this site and continued to watch Personal Preference, this new K-drama starring Lee Min Ho (of Boys Before Flowers fame, which I never watched). It’s a about a guy who pretends to be gay so that he can live with this girl to get something he really wants. I’m only in the 2nd episode, so I’m not too sure about how the drama unravels but being a Korean dramedy I’m sure the guy and the girl has some crazy moments and end up falling in love.


Ahh, fantasy. We all need a form of escapism right? All things Korean is definitely the way to go for me right now.


Please forgive me if I’m not always blogging anymore. I have lost resources on computers but soon, in about a month or two, I will be back on track again. I’ll just be doing the updates now and then, but not always. Probably just once a week or even just once every two weeks.

Yesterday, it was my birthday. Hehe. Spent it with my family first, then friends. This is the first birthday after a very long time that I didn’t spend it with my mom and I was quite sad, but hey, it’s my birthday after all. I got 3 cakes. Two round chocolate monsters one, and one huge ORANGE cake full of icing from my lil cute cousins. It was just a simple birthday actually, just went to the mall with my 2 of my friends, I went shopping of course, then treated them to Cafe Havana. We were supposed to watch Stars Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, but even though there were 3 cinemas for it, the line was like 4 kilometers each. Damn. Clubbing was supposed to be next to, all dressed up already but then my stomach really ached and I didn’t feel like it anymore I didn’t know why. So there, the simplest 17th birthday ever.

When 12 o’clock struck on the 21’st of May, my barkada back in Jakarta called. The second I heard their crazy voices greeting me, that’s when it hit me, I cried so much after that. I just realized that I missed them so much but that I’m also happy here. So there you go, the former birthday girl is signing off. =p

//edit// I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Management.