Blog List

This is gonna be quick, there are things I want to blog about but don’t have time at the moment, so Ima just list them all here so that I won’t forget!

– recent events (wedding vows, stripper night, new friends)
– death and loss, which I kind of don’t wanna go into but let’s see
– bff’s fashion show
– time spent because of work and other things

Rest assured I’m gonna get to blogging these soon with photos so this post will be a reminder! =)

Hello Bed

The weekend is finally here and I plan to spend most of it in bed. The past 3 weekends have been spent outside with friends, I spent the weekend at bff’s 2 weeks ago or with family because last week we checked in a hotel for my mom’s birthday. I’m going back to my cocoon later. It’s just gonna be me time where I’m just completely gonna laze the day away.. I’m allowed to! Work weeks are completely draining, add rush hour traffic to that. I love my work, I just wish there was more time in the day to actually unwind as opposed to waking up, going to work, work, coming home, dinner, catch up on a few things I missed, sleep then it’s the same routine again.

It’s 1am and my bed awaits..

Weekend Recap

It’s officially Monday in my part of the world, and in a few hours it’s back to the office again. This was probably the laziest Sunday ever. Went straight home after church because my dad wanted to catch the boxing match (Mayweather and whoever his opponent was) but it ended before we got home anyway. I had one of the best naps in my life, probably due to hangover’s late reaction, but it was glorious. I wouldn’t trade those 4-5 hours for anything in my life. Sleep is definitely the best luxury anyone can have.

A chill night with friends beats the whole loud scene in my book. Or maybe because I’ve grown older (I’m not sure about the wiser part) that I prefer quiet nights (not necessarily mouth quiet because we were overly loud in that cafe) with friends versus the whole clubbing thing. I used to love clubbing so much–I still do now, just not as much as before but if I were to choose a Saturday night it would be along the lines of last night.

Lots of beers were involved, lots of shouting and stories and jokes and laughter. We started early so we didn’t end too late, just after midnight where some of us got into a food coma because they decided to stuff their faces with glorious food after the whole beer session and the search for an empty karaoke bar and to no avail, therefore pigging out ensued. I got home headache-y but definitely satisfied of the nights activities. Sunday morning was quite a struggle but cold shower on my face did the trick. Overall, this weekend was well balanced. Til the next, mes amis.