Day 3 – Why do you blog?

This is a good question. My answer would probably vary year to year and I’d have quite a difficult time answering it, but I now have one that it was easy to think about what to say (or write).

I blog now because I want to exercise my brain. For me, writing (blogging including) has always been a way to fuel my mind.. for it to keep the writing area of my brains oiled and not let it rot into whatever shallow thing I’m currently obsessed with. As a child of social media I’ve definitely resulted to micro-blogging/micro-updating my life online. Gone are the days when I’d cook up descriptive blog posts, write a lot, have 5 blogs and have the time, the energy and the mental capacity to update them all regularly. This is the reason why I’m doing this blog challenge as well. I felt like writing (not including emails, proposals, and/or presentations that I do for work, because that’s different)and I think I even said this in a blog postwas starting to take a backseat and I’d hate for it to be shelved away.

I don’t consider myself a good writer but I like to think that it’s one of the main avenues where I can freely express myself because I have so many thoughts in my head, and writing is sometimes one of the only ways for me to organize my thoughts. I guess this is why I still have a blog even though I don’t blog as often anymore. I like having something to go to.

Day 2 – Meaning of your blog name?

This is easy, since I explained it in my About page. Otherworldly comes from the lyrics of Incubus’ song Warning, that’ goes like this:

Bat your eyes girl, be otherworldly.. count your blessings, seduce a stranger.
What’s so wrong with being happy? Kudos to those who see through sickness, yeah.

I decided to make it my blog name because I wanted it to have a significance to my favorite band, as well as something that’s not too me or too predictable. I also patterned it with a hyphen to match my Incu-sisters’—Anna, who owns and Keng (my host!) who owns—domain names that also have something to do with our favorite band.

I’m going to be honest and say that was really thought-out back in the day but what I made sure of was that even though down the line I would lose all my sense of attachment to Incubus, this would still be a domain name that I would like regardless of its initial conception. Fast forward a few years later, I still love both Incubus (in spite of my current shift in interests, genres, etc) and this domain name, so looks like it’s staying for a bit longer.

Day 1 – Intro & Recent Photo

Hi, my name is Justine! I turned 26 last May but I don’t feel a day older than 19. I was born in the Philippines, moved to Indonesia for a bit during my early childhood, went back to the Philippines where I was “officially” raised then back to Indonesia to spend the rest of my formative years, high school, college, then my first two jobs. I’d like to put all the blame on living in another country for 15 years to my indecisiveness, being independently dependent, identity crisis, and all the weirdness I’m associated with.

I like SO many things. I am a force when it comes to my likes and interests. There are just too many. I like to think I’m a unique one, but then I’m your pretty average girl. I like shoes, bags, makeup, tall/dark/handsome boys, singing British boys, being a foodie, and relating internet quotes to my life.

There are so many things about me that I feel like I repeat all the time. I love to sing and play the guitar, but let’s admit it, who has the time for that anymore? Work, play, sleep and fangirling take up most of my life, not to mention family. How will I ever manage to fit a love life into it?

I like my current job. I work in Corporate Marketing as a Product Development Specialist in the biggest self-publishing company in the world. It’s pretty cool. I get to do different things every day and it’s very fulfilling knowing that the challenges you face are the ones that you don’t mind. I like that.

I’m not sure if that warrants as an intro, but I’ll stop here before I start blabbing like hell.


31-day Blog Challenge 2014

I have decided that I’m going to participate in a blog challenge because I want to attempt to get back on the blogging horse, mostly for myself. I don’t have to write every day, but I have to finish all 31 days and I have to make sure it doesn’t stretch out until forever! I’ve given myself the rule of not posting less than 3 times a week.

  1. Intro & Recent Photo
  2. Meaning of your blog name?
  3. Why do you blog?
  4. Your favorite: 5 blogs
  5. Share: Best advice you ever got
  6. Something for your kids to know
  7. Memories: What’s your earliest one?
  8. Tell me: Currently reading anything?
  9. What’s in your purse/bag?
  10. Share: Old photo(s) of yourself
  11. Your favorite: 10 songs right now
  12. Share: Your bucket list
  13. Something you’ve been putting off
  14. Memories: Been to any concerts?
  15. Tell me: How are you like your parents?
  16. What’s the ____ thing you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t yet?
  17. Where do you work?
  18. Your favorite: Childhood books
  19. 20 facts about yourself
  20. Something you’re trying to figure out
  21. Memories: Where have you traveled?
  22. Tell me: What do you want to do for a living?
  23. What’s your schedule like?
  24. Three things: 2 true and 1 false
  25. Your favorite: Recipe and comfort food
  26. Share: A difficult time in your life
  27. Something you miss
  28. Memories: Top 5 moments in your life
  29. Tell me: Are you a lefty or a righty?
  30. What’s something not many know?
  31. Your favorite: Hobbies and way to spend down-time

This is making me more nervous than excited because I haven’t committed into anything blogging-wise for a long time now. But, here goes!

Update: Officially done after almost 2 months! The last one took the most time because honestly I didn’t want to finish it. It’s sort of difficult to believe that I was able to do complete it.