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Day 1 – What you had for breakfast

Well isn’t it a bit late for this now? I woke up at at almost 1pm (yay for Sundays) and as of this writing my sister is cooking meatloaf and we’re waiting for the sushi platter delivery from Azabu via Foodpanda because it’s 50% off today! I know I’m not supposed to be doing this, skipping meals and eating at weird hours considering I just got out of the hospital the past week because of gastritis but I didn’t wake up on time. On weekdays I do better!

30-day Blog Challenge 2015

After last year’s sense of fulfillment in completing a blog challenge that I didn’t think I would be able to, I realized it would be a good exercise to do it again this year. I had no intention of participating in another blog challenge anymore but I was on Medium the other day and saw Nicole Zhu’s 100 Days of Writing series that it actually prompted me to do a 100 day blog challenge right then and there. I then calculated the timeline and saw that I wouldn’t be done until November (if I decided to do it daily, what more if I didn’t) and my commitment-phobe tendencies tingled so I looked for something of lesser frequency and stumbled across this one from 2 years ago by Live For Tomorrow. Looks like it’s something that will also benefit my current mental health and that’s always a good goal in itself, right? What you had for breakfast A song that makes you happy Someone you’re grateful for Your dream job #TBT A fave memory A food you could eat …