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Day 6 – A food you could eat forever

~ And we’re back! Sorry this took a backseat. ~ I used to be able to say sushi but due to recent hospitalizations I’ve sort of had a bit of an aversion to Japanese food lately. I KNOW, RIGHT? It’s a cuisine that I love so much. Soon, I will be able to eat Japanese food again. Just like how I’ll be able to drink alcohol again. Anyway! I will be a bit general here and say anything chicken. However you cook chicken, I will eat it. Fried, in soup, baked, marinated, breaded, barbecued, etc etc etc. This is a bit TMI, but I even eat chicken bones. Yup! There goes my little secret.

Day 5 – #TBT A fave memory

I’ll limit it to this year because I have so many “fave memories” hah. Definitely last April/May’s Singapore trip. Even though I go to Singapore a couple of times a year, last April was extra special because it was unplanned and totally spur of the moment that my best friends decided to book their tickets just a few weeks in advance so that we’d all be reunited. I actually wrote a bit about it here in one of my Friday’s 10 Happy Things entries. We also like to have hashtags for our trips so here’s the one for Instagram: #JKTinvadesSG. Although it was super jampacked with only 3 full days, I tried my best to savor every moment of that trip. I’m so glad my friends and I now make it a point to see each other at least once a year. Distance, what distance?

Day 4 – Your dream job

I don’t have an exact dream job per se, but anything that involves strategy with a team, coming up with new ideas, and formulating something that has the ability to come to life and make an impact on people is something that I’m really inclined to do. Of course if this were a superficial question I would answer with being a cover band singer or part of an a capella girl group because that’s something that’s kind of a dream to me but I never really banked on for myself. Many people ask me why I don’t turn singing into a career. I am not that confident to bank on it, honestly. It’s the same reason why I didn’t choose I.T. as a major in college. Things I enjoy doing and feel like I’ve got enough skills for it, but never enough to make a living out of. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a little less confident than how people perceive me when it comes to those fields.

Day 3 – Someone you’re grateful for

My mom. Can’t even stress enough. In between being a superwoman, a tough cookie, and a cancer survivor.. she is the best mother I could ever ask for. It’s weird how now that I am way older it’s harder for me to part with my parents. That every emotion I feel is more magnified now when it comes to my relationship with them compared to when I was much younger. Now I don’t want to disappoint them, as much as possible I want to be always be there for them as much as they have provided me this much while growing up. Some may think I am too attached (even though my dad is far away), but a great relationship with your parents is something that should not be taken for granted.

Day 2 – A song that makes you happy

You I’m Thinking Of by Relish. This song has always been part of my happy list but there are moments that I completely forget about it then suddenly, it starts playing in my head again. Reminds me so much of car rides going to school back in Jakarta when my favorite radio station would play this almost daily. This track definitely plays a pivotal role in my Jakarta life. I don’t even know any other songs from this band but the moment I hear this it automatically gives me good vibes.