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Day 5 – #TBT A fave memory

I’ll limit it to this year because I have so many “fave memories” hah. Definitely last April/May’s Singapore trip. Even though I go to Singapore a couple of times a year, last April was extra special because it was unplanned and totally spur of the moment that my best friends decided to book their tickets just a few weeks in advance so that we’d all be reunited. I actually wrote a bit about it here in one of my Friday’s 10 Happy Things entries.

We also like to have hashtags for our trips so here’s the one for Instagram: #JKTinvadesSG. Although it was super jampacked with only 3 full days, I tried my best to savor every moment of that trip. I’m so glad my friends and I now make it a point to see each other at least once a year. Distance, what distance?

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  1. That’s a great memory to have 😀 I still remember going out of the country for the first time with my dad and little bro. I never forgot.

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