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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v6

    1. Manila business trip. From Monday to Wednesday I was in Manila to meet with my colleagues and bosses! It was such a great experience. I will start to work remote full-time soon but I love that my new job allows me to travel to either Singapore or Manila once in a while to be in an office with my colleages and the last few days were just that. The Singapore team also flew down to Manila so it was definitely a reunion of sorts.
    2. Staying and working in BGC. I have always avoided going to Manila my whole life (sorry, guys) because I know how hectic it can get. I lived in Jakarta long enough to know what crazy city life is like. I love how BGC is like an insight to how Manila could have been. As superficial as I can get, for me, Manila = BGC.
    3. Crazy Rich Asians delivery. Being a Fullybooked member they called me and asked if I wanted a signed copy of Kevin Kwan’s book while he did his signing in Manila and they would ship it to me in Cebu. Of course I said yes! I’ve been wanting to read his books for a while now and this was finally a good opportunity for me to buy the book and have it signed by the author himself.

    4. New friends. Entering a new job also means new acquaintances that turn into friends. So glad we had quite a few similar interests that made our “getting to know each other” phase totally natural.
    5. Pharrell x Todd James Supershell. I bought this when I was in Manila and couldn’t be happier! I didn’t manage to get the Supercolors last April in Singapore because no stores had my size (boo-hoo) but I’m glad Manila had them. Haaaaappy. Been wanting to cop these for ages now. It still surprises me sometimes that I still have the yearning for “kicks” even at this age.
    6. The Six Pack reunion. My Manila trip once again had me reunited with 2 of my best girlfriends from The Six Pack. Nothing beats a night (or two!) with your original homegirls.
    7. New lippies! I know, I have splurged in more lipsticks than I what I actually need the past few weeks. Namely: MAC Del Rio, MAC Captive, NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Bansar, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita, Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin. I should probably stop and not buy any new lipstick until next year or something (who am I kidding?).
    8. Wildflour. I ate there twice, once for dinner and the next for breakfast because I heard they had different menus. Aaaahh so good. I think I liked their breakfast menu best because my boss ordered so much food and I got to try most of them. YUMMEH.
    9. Well wishes and genuine compliments. Because of what I went through the past month or two, especially due to my health and being in and out of the hospital, I received a lot of well wishes from friends and compliments that I didn’t look like I went through hell (hah!) and bounced back looking pretty good.
    10. High Society. This is a bit late because I finished this K-drama last week but I still can’t get over it until now. I usually watch a few K-dramas a year (it used to be 3-4 when I had all the time but now I probably can only do one a year, two at most). Anyway, I was so engrossed with High Society that I finished it within 36 hours. It had pretty much all the things I liked in a drama: beautiful leads, rich families, unrequited love, smart banters, strong female characters and overall an enjoyable story that made me stick to it.
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  1. OMG. High Society is the bomb. I mean, it was heavy in some sort but not ridiculously heavy. It has all the element I love too. I have so many dramas that I started but stopped watching halfway because of too much cliches and ridiculous plots and scenes. But what I loved the most was, Chang Soo and Ji Yi. Sorry for the main characters but these too are so adorable! They even had a lot of fan made videos when I searched for them in youtube. I just can’t! Hahaha.

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