Everything’s gonna be in red, because this is my official birthday post. Hahhaha. =)
I am sooo 18 now. Phew. Time sure flies by fast.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Thanks to these wonderful people who greeted me first. 🙂

Thank you Alrenz!!!

The 2 guys who greeted me in YM! first: Thanks Kevin and JB!!!

One of my best girlfriends, Veronica. Thanks girl 😀 mwah.

My late-night online gal pal and Ganguro master, I was soo touched she made a blog about me in her multiply. Thanks Ana!!!

And finally my dear batchmate Alvin. Tenchuu.. ^^

Thanks guys I love you all. And to the people who greeted me in Friendster as well. This is as good as it gets online.