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On Hobbies & Perseverance

I wish I had a solid hobby that I can be proud of. I think I’ve taken up almost all the cliche ones but none of them really stuck because of my lack of dedication and willpower. I think it comes with being a Gemini and getting easily bored with things and the constant search for something new. I sing, I play guitar and have been playing ever since I was 11 but I’ve never really advanced. There was a point in my life where I could play these awesome riffs and chords but due to lack of practice I became all rusty again. I think I’ve taken a lot of musical lessons to realize that I’m not even half good at them. I’ve taken up drums, keyboard, I read musical notes but that’s all there is to it. I then discovered Photoshop and loved it, I was into webdesign and coding at one point then suddenly one day I looked at all the codes and it gave me a headache. Even though I loved it, I thought it wasn’t worth it due to all the frustration.

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Then there was the lomography hype, I got myself an ActionSampler with the hopes of pursuing a hobby in the analog world but in the end I figured it was a hobby which needed cultivation and commitment, not to mention it burnt holes in my pockets so that kind of took a backseat too. I guess I’m at this point in my life where I’m looking for something that I can really stick my mind to, be it a hobby or a relationship or just something which makes me happy. When I get into these things I always tend to doubt myself because I subconsciously compare myself with the better ones and then my insecurity gets the best of me.

The problem with me is, I wanna be good at everything. Obviously I know that’ s not possible, if I can’t  stick to one thing how am I supposed to be good at everything else right? Perseverance ultimately leads to perfection, and perseverance hasn’t always been my strongest suit (something I definitely need to improve). I wish one day I can find something I can be extremely proud of for putting my heart and soul into, and get into it full time.


  1. Here’s why I like sewing: it’s versatile. You have a set of basic skills. Once you’ve done the small projects like tote bags and wash clothes, you can move on to the next level. Or, while you are looking for some new projects to try, you might something that really strikes your interest. I started out with the tote bags and a very very very basic sewing machine (it did only cost $20 and it could sew only a straight stitch), but I did learn the basics through it. Then I moved on to making plushies, which I totally fell in love with. I love making plushies, because, to be honest, I am still a child inside. But now I got interested in making clothes. It’s been one of those things I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time now and a couple of weeks ago I decided to just go for it. And it’s working out great. So far. At least.

    What my actual point is by telling you this story is that maybe you have to find a hobby in which you can grow. A hobby in which your satisfactory level can shift and in which there’s more than enough room to experiment. Drawing, music,… Hell, it could even be paint by numbers if you’d like!

    You just have to find something that really “fits” you. Something that makes you happy every time you do it. Something that you can’t stop thinking about. Something that you can’t stop talking about. With me, at the moment, it’s dressmaking, but I’ve gone through some other hobbies as well, believe me.

    The only way you’ll find that perfect hobby, is by trying a lot of things. Good luck with it!

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