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No Sex No City

Tonight I watched Sex and the City 2. I am a huge fan of the series, although there are a few episodes per season I missed, especially the later ones. I watched the first movie and loved it, and after watching this one I loved it even more. I don’t care what critics say, I kept an open mind before watching the movie hoping that I would forget just a little bit of the real world and dive into a world of Carrie and Louboutins. I was in for a ride, a really great one. Initially I was put off because the movie’s length stretches up to more than 2 hours but now that I think about it, it was definitely more than worth my time.

The best part was I didn’t have to think, there was no concrete storyline, I already knew all the characters VERY well so I didn’t need explanation. Simply put, it was shallow and superficial—done RIGHT. Being a girl the visuals were great. Louboutins left and right, great dresses, it was like a visual work of fashion art. Patricia Fields definitely knows how to do it right.

I’m a big cheeseball and I adored this scene. It may have been the most cliched scene in the movie, four women belting out a song about women empowerment (or was it?) on karaoke but it made my night. It made me miss my girlfriends and the moments we have despite our distance right now. While Sex and the City on television was mostly about sex.. AND the city itself, this movie was based on personal struggles, friends that last a lifetime, finding a way out of frustrations, being happy inside and out, Abu Dhabi (certainly not New York!), knowing what you want and which shoes go with it. Yeah, I totally just over-analyzed it. The movie isn’t great, but it was definitely a great watch.

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  1. The movie may be long, but I enjoyed it, too. I like SATC2 more than I did the first movie because of the funnier dialogues. Heee.

    My favorite part was when they were told by the hotel that they were going to pay for their stay starting that day so they had to move their asses! At least their vacation wasn’t too perfect. Lol.

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