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Life So Far

Yeah, I know I totally suck at keeping a blog. I can’t remember how I used to be so good at writing just whatever was on my thoughts. Keep a blog AND keep a journal. I haven’t even written in my journal since early this year. Lots of things have happened since my last entry and it would be too all over the place if I wrote them all here.

It’s been 2 weeks since we moved to the old new house. Basically we used to live there, and moved to two houses, then moved back to where we started. Kinda confusing.. and I think I haven’t moved this much my whole life. July 2008, July 2009 then July 2010. It’s crazy but I’m glad my mom’s healthy, that’s all that counts.

It’s been 6 months since I graduated and I’m learning a lot from this paid internship in a consulting firm. I have about less than 2 months left but I still don’t know what to do with my life. I’m totally at a crossroads.. of 1000. I just wanna be happy and comfortable as well as gaining new experiences and looking at different aspects of life. My parents are have been hinting for me to “move out” stating that they really want me to stay but they also want me to “explore the world” I don’t know why.. but that statement freaks me out more than it excites me. I’m not saying that it doesn’t though.

Boy problems. More like NO-BOY problems. I don’t ever have it easy and I have myself to blame at the end of the day. Hopefully a nice guy comes along and releases me from my inhibitions. Funny how I’m even saying the word inhibition, I never had that issue before. It’s funny how as I’m getting older, the more I’m changing and closing myself to the world. It should be the other way around.. and I’m working to change it. Hopefully the process isn’t too long and I get back to my old train sooner. Wish me luck!


  1. hahaha it’s all good with no boy. just take it all easy and it’ll just happen. and keep writing.. you dont update nearly as much as i do!!!

    just noticed the link on the right side. thanks!


  2. “I can¬ít remember how I used to be so good at writing just whatever was on my thoughts.”

    ugh, so true. i was thinking this yesterday, when i was trying to figure out what the heck i was supposed to blog, considering i haven’t done it in such a long long time. when did we get so old? lol.

    !!!!! you’re in a consulting firm! my dream job is to work as a consultant, so yeah, haha, i’m kind of jealous. XD with me, as long as somebody hires me, i’ll be happy with everything else. i just need to find a job, ugh.

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