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Late last year I bought a new journal that I vowed to write on whenever something in my life came up. It’s a purple small book, sort of like a poor man’s Moleskine. I love it. I bring it with me everywhere now and just jot down or scribble whatever is on my mind. The first few months of this year was when I really wrote a lot. Almost every day. Now it’s just a couple of times every few weeks and lately a few times a week. I’ve been feeling really good about writing on a journal again about my feelings and what it writes for me. I’m gonna laugh/cry/remember when I look back that’s always a good thing. I have this thing about journals though they never last because I always find a nicer looking one where I proceed to write out newer thoughts. Since I love this one so much I want to just keep on writing here. So random.. me blogging about writing on a journal. I have too many thoughts to share and while it’s not entirely a bad thing, sometimes my head’s too full of everything.

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  1. I can relate to this. I also have a small journal that I got last year. I haven’t been writing much on it but it’s great knowing that whatever random thought that pops up will be noted, or something. 🙂

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