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Makeup et Moi, pt. 2

In 2011, my Sephora visit didn’t have any definite purchase plans but to accompany my mom with her cosmetic restocking. I figured I could get myself a new nail polish or a new lipstick. Instead, I ended up with a new BB cream, a couple of OPI nail polishes, and some new accessories like a mirror, hairbrush etc.

I opted to purchase the Kameria Baby Face Anti-Acne & Pore Tightening BB cream SPF 20 (related post here because it cost the least among the others on display (at $29 as opposed to the other brands with $35-$50 range) and I was looking to buy one with the purpose of being curious to try it out. I also thought it fit most with my skin type because I grew up with a lot of acne.

As a follower of the Korean entertainment culture, BB creams are mentioned a lot so I used to think it was overrated, to say the least. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. Like I said in my previous post, I thought BB creams were just product hype. Aside from burgeoning curiosity, I finally decided to get one because I don’t moisturize in the morning as my face tends to get really oily if I put ANY sort of cream, so any skincare regime is always done at night before I go to bed.

About a year later I also bought the pink one which is the Water Drop Super Moisture version (meaning when you apply it the texture will create “water drop” and will be absorbed to the skin quickly to keep it moist) but it sort of made my face more oily than usual. So it’s just sitting prettily and I only use it when my face feels dry.

Since then my life has pretty much changed. Sounds exaggerating I know, but this Kameria BB cream has made my life so much easier by minimizing so many skincare routines! I can even safely say it definitely minimized my breakouts and marks on my skin by a lot. It kept my face hydrated but not oily, it covered my facial imperfections and it basically replaced my routine by a mile that I even stopped using my MAC Sheer Pressed for a while because this BB cream sufficed (I’m back to using it regularly now, especially to set).

To quote a review I read on reviewstream:

The texture is a little bit creamy and kinda hard to blend on my face, but after you have blended it, it creates a smooth natural matte finish. I also noticed that it actually covers my blemishes and pores, the finish is not too thin nor too thick, for me it is just right. It also has SPF 20 which a strong plus in a BB cream. The coverage is pretty good and i noticed that my face stays oil free for how many hours. It has an excellent pore tightening effect that i cannot almost see my pores after applying it on my face. After continually using it for 1 week, I noticed a difference on my skin tone. My face feels little less oily and my blemishes started to lessen. Moreover, there are 19 kinds of flowers extract named Rainbow Complex included in this BB cream.

Basically sums up my review about the product that I wish I wrote it. Should I talk about the CC cream? I’ve been using it for a while too.. but I have a few reservations. I guess I’ll find out once I decide to write part 3.

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  1. anyone know about “korea beauty” bb cream?recently i have discussed with my frenz about the bb cream…so i jz saw from the forum…izit faceshop bb cream is good for our acne-based skin?can i know more detail about it?

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