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Newfound Newfinds

I’ve probably mentioned this a lot in my blog posts or just to myself in general, but oftentimes I wonder what has changed in my life, or what’s new and I’m always left with the “same old, same old” initial answer. Then I give it more thought and I realize, so much has changed.

2014 has been a very interesting start for me. 2013 ended with new-found friends who have started becoming so dear to me, only to find out that one of them is leaving for good by the start of February. I wish her the best of luck and life, but I am saddened because I am also “physically” losing a good friend who I have grown to love in the consecutive weeks we all hung out in December.

I’m excited for what the rest of 2014 will bring. I used to always be apprehensive when a year starts, but this year I will try my best to just finally go with the flow. Let my fears become a part of me. Things doesn’t have to always go smoothly. I need to accept that there are many things I can’t control. I’ve decided to also take a small step in becoming more personal with this blog.

To end the note, Happy New Year of the Wooden Horse!

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