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Day 9 – What’s in your purse/bag?

It took me a while to do this entry because I wanted to use my SLR to take this photo, but I find out that someone inserted the battery the other way around (WOW) and now it’s stuck and won’t turn on. Jeez. How do I get that fixed? I’ve tried a few things but I don’t want to force it out because the camera might break, so I used my iPhone instead. Anyway, to the point!

This is my every day weekday bag. This is a simple leatherette bag I got from an online shop called Brig Bags, they sell really affordable bags. I had a ZARA one before this (real leather!) and it wore out pretty fast so I felt sort of guilty. I’m not even gonna lie, my weekday bags go through bad situations so I decided to get a cheap one instead and save the nice ones for the weekend.

  • Brown from LINE plushy that hangs on to my big bags – I’ve received a few questions from strangers on where I got this, and it was a gift from my Aunt back in Jakarta.
  • Transparent cosmetic case from Beauty Bar – I have a thing for transparent bags. If only having a transparent bag outside the beach wasn’t dangerous, I’d have one too.
  • Mentos gum – one is empty and still haven’t thrown it, the other one I bought just a few hours ago to restock. I almost always have mints/gum/candy on my bag. You never know what kind of situation you’re going to face.
  • Wallet – it’s a double flap that still has another card compartment on the other side. Photos are of me and my best friend, Noemi from when we were in 10th grade and an Instax photo of me from a few Christmases ago.
  • Bath & Body Works Sheer Freesia Fragrance Mist – I prefer fruity scents but surprisingly I really loved this. I hope they still stock them because I’m running out and it’s barely been 2 months.
  • White Flower – I know, it’s such a grandma thing to carry but it really helps when you have those random bouts of headache and nausea. Instant relief.
  • Apple earphones – these are the ones from my old iPhone 4S. The EarPods I got with the iPhone 5s are still inside the box.
  • Company ID
  • Powerbank – 6000mAh. I took this from my dad because it’s such a convenient size as opposed to my huge ass 12000mAh and 8000mAh thick Hello Kitty one. This works really well, charges quite fast and not a waste of power.
  • House keys, room keys, spare car keys and a nail clipper
  • Specs – that I hardly use but it’s there in case I need to face reality and need to use them.
  • Tissue pack
  • Hair clip
  • Phone charger
  • Etude house coin purse GWP – because the coin purse zipper of my wallet broke.
  • Not in picture: iPhone 5s, red Samsung flip E1272, lighter, receipts, misplaced bills, bill statements

I think that’s pretty much it! Obviously my cosmetic case takes most of the space because it’s HUGE. I even minimized its contents this weekend and limited it to what I only really use daily so it’s a bit lighter and less cramped with stuff. I like having a big bag during weekdays because I can stuff anything inside without having to carry another bag. A water bottle, an extra shirt, yoga stuff (not my mat, obviously), snacks. It’s very convenient.

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