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Day 30 – What’s something not many know?

I’m sort of an open book. Pretty much 90% of the time, what you see is what you get with me. The other 10%, is all sorts of jumbled up facts that I probably don’t remember and/or don’t want to share. I’m trying to pick on the insides of that 10% right now and trying to figure out what to share in this blog.

Hm. Not many know that I wanted to be a drummer so much that I took up drum lessons at one time, sometime when I was about 14? I remember being obsessed with Coldplay’s In My Place that I begged my mom to enroll me in music school. She had one condition though, that I’d also take voice lessons together with drums. I reluctantly (though happily) obliged.

I didn’t get very far, sadly (with drums!). I realized I had very minimal talent with it and that I also did not have a drum set that I could practice with at home, so that pursuit didn’t progress further than an amateur recital that I happily participated in. I guess my parents knew my interests were and still are very short-lived that I’d probably get frustrated at the instrument and call it quits after a few months, which was what exactly happened.

I did, however, tried my best to learn Coldplay’s In My Place but I don’t know if I can still play it up to know. God knows how long I’ve touched a drum set, let alone attempt to play one. It’s still a dream to be able to play drums well, but I’ve accepted the fact that it really isn’t for me.


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