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Day 31 – Your favorite: Hobbies and way to spend down-time

The last entry has finally arrived. To be honest, I was actually stalling on purpose so that I didn’t have to seal the deal on this blog challenge. Here goes..

Aside from makeup that has eaten up a lot of my time (and money) the past two years? I guess it’s time to bring out the hobbies.

When I’m not at work, I’m usually a homebody through and through, fangirling here and there and watching my favorite tv shows, movies and Korean variety shows. This probably doesn’t reflect my “perceived” personality, but I actually spend a lot of time at home. I go out on weekends as well; if not to the mall or cafes, usually to a bar or a party because I like to dance and mingle with people, and I love my alcohol! I know, I’m all over the place when it comes to my interests.

Food trips are another thing, I’m not usually one to shy away from new places to eat or new food to try.

I’ve been doing yoga weekly for more than a year now.. there was a phase where I did it almost every weekday, but now I do it once or twice a week only. The longest time I had a yoga break was one month. I can definitely say yoga has improved my life in more ways than one, and I finally found something that genuinely calms my mind and gets me back into my center because all of me is always in shambles.

At home, I’ve also been cooking quite a lot lately and I am happy to know that I am not a noob in the kitchen. I can actually whip up meals that are enjoyed by my family. I’m more of into the Filipino home-cooked meal fused with a little bit of Western feel from all of my years abroad. Cooking could be my strongest suit when it comes to household chores.

Besides having a couple of “internal issues” I need to deal with, these are pretty much what my life revolves around!

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