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On Holidays and Goals

The year is coming to a close and before I leave for my much needed Christmas holiday I’d like to take the time out to write a little in this blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve learned to write for myself in this little avenue of mine. I certainly still do it with the thought of people actually reading it (although not as much as before) but I really have learned to keep writing and writing even though I don’t do it as often. It’s the reason why I still have the blog, so I can still write, because God knows much writing I get to do in the “outside” world that doesn’t involve work emails, tweets and product proposals.

In 2015 I won’t make a resolution, instead I will create a journey. A journey that will hopefully lead me to positive things in my life. I haven’t really formulated a plan, but I will list out the things that I have started on before the year has started, and hopefully this will continue to grow for the betterment of myself. The most important things are:

1) Financial (started!)
2) Health
3) Mental health
4) Eliminate most negativity
5) Love life

Notice how love life is the last? I didn’t even begin to worry or think about it until I’ve been feeling the pressure from friends and family this year. I’m not doing it because of their pressure but I’m doing it to take some pressure off me because pressure from the outside means pressure from within as well. I know people want the best for me so the least I can do is try in that department, right?

I don’t hope to achieve everything by 2015 but I want to make sure I get started. I want to make better choices to create lesser (better if none) regrets as I grow older. I think that should be a good goal in itself, right?

Happy holidays and I hope you enjoy the rest of the year with loved ones! 🙂

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