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The Sunday Currently, v6

I am actually cheating because it’s hardly Sunday anymore.. but I made the big mistake of sleeping at 6pm as soon as I got home from a children’s party and woke up just a little bit before midnight. It would be an ideal scenario if I didn’t have work on a Monday morning but here I am, typing away. I’m gonna try a different approach to this entry and make it a bit more comprehensive than usual, and only answering the ones that make the most sense and are the most applicable given the current situation.

Tasks on my project management tool and work emails to prepare for later. I never thought I’d become one of those people who would be so addicted to work but look at me. I guess it also helps that you actually like what you do, so you don’t really mind at the end of the day. Maybe I should remove my work email from my phone so I stop checking shit all the time. Seriously.

To-dos and prioritizing which tasks to do for later. See how much of a boring person I’ve become once the clock strikes 12 on a work week?

It takes a whole lot of me to become a fan of cover artists. I know, this is coming from someone who makes cover mixtapes for fun but when it comes to YouTube artists, I am extremely picky and overly critical of cover artists. Thirdstory came up on my feeds a few weeks ago and it’s annoying how they only have 2 videos on their YouTube channel because they are so good. Raw, soulful, unique talent oozing out of each and every one of the three guys. This is the kind of cover artists I love to listen to.. the ones who can offer something new to the table and make a solo song sound good sung by more than a solo voice. I hope they go far and wide.

I have also been stalking their Instagram and they have a couple of snippets from their shows and rehearsals and OF COURSE they did Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. I would love to see a full version of this.

About how I’ll wake up later. It’s almost 3am and I am not close to sleepy yet. I have some tasks to do at 9am and a meeting at 10. I hope I don’t get screwed by my screwed up body clock. The weekend was great and this is how I have to pay for this. I’m trying hard not to think about many things outside of work because overthinking usually doesn’t end well with me.

For good health and my period to arrive. I am at my wits end with this PCOS shit. I’m meeting a new OBGYN this week and I hope everything goes well. I may even resort to taking pills now.. bring it on, medical therapy? Shit. I am not excited but if this is going to fix my junk of a reproductive system, then so be it.


  1. You have PCOS too? I’m sorry to hear about that. I was diagnosed with it in 2010 and managed to get my period back close to normal. I hope you get yours soon. I know how anxiety inducing it is to not have it.

      • I just tried my best to change my diet (less sandwiches, more homecooked meals, less sugar) and workout more. It’s really easier said than done, but lifestyle changes do the trick with PCOS.

        • That’s what I did too and it worked for a good 2 months. I work out everyday except Tuesday and weekends (then I’d be dancing my ass off in the club). It may be my sleeping habits, because I have 2 jobs. Hopefully I get this sorted out.

  2. Hi Justine! I totally agree with the PCOS thing! Dear God, I’ve been having my issues since I was 13, and my periods never got better, it’s literally the most frustrating thing ever.

    If you need a new OBGYN, I recommend mine. I can give you the details, just send me a message. 😀 Let’s go and battle it out!

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