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On Writing as Therapy

I’ve been blogging since I knew how to use the internet, but I have never thought of myself as a good writer, or good blogger, at the very least. My sister told me last week that I write like a kid, and I actually agreed without harboring ill-feelings. I’m not one to have a wide knowledge of words that I can mix and match to my mind’s content. Sometimes I envy those who are so witty on paper (or on screen) and can translate feelings and emotions into another level of feelings and emotions just by writing. This is why I’m mostly a blog lurker. I don’t usually comment but I ALWAYS read, especially the good ones.

You’ve probably noticed my blogging frequency has increased in the past month. Some say it takes a shitty situation to go back to writing. For me, writing has always been a therapeutic medium where I can express myself (as if I don’t express myself enough) or mask whatever bad thing that’s going on in my head and sugarcoat it so that it doesn’t seem so bad after all. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a good or bad thing? Either way, it helps.

Going back to my “old life” hasn’t been the smoothest transition like I thought it would be. I had always imagined to be sliding back into my usual routine like riding a bike and coasting to wherever life takes me. It’s proving to be more challenging than I thought and that has bothered me more than I allow it to.. so here I am writing my thoughts away because it’s the only routine that will never lose its familiarity to me.


  1. Tricia @ says

    This is so true. Writing is a good way to speak your mind and your heart. It does help to write your feelings down. 🙂

  2. Stephy Mcst says

    I am a reader of and I happen to always see your name on the comment box. Since I’m looking for new blogs to read and luckily stumbled upon your blog, I’m adding it on my blog roll! I’m Stephy, nice meeting you in the blogging world Justine!

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