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Summer Snaps

Warning: A very photo heavy post of my very eventful summer. It’s been a while since I’ve had a photo-extensive area on my blog and in my attempt to start making things look really pretty, I managed to “conjure” this. It will probably be a while until I have the motivation to upload photos in here so I decided to just make one dump of an entry and put some of the snaps that made my summer. There’s many where these came from, but I can’t put it all. These photos were taken with either an iPhone, a DSLR, and a GoPro.

First of Summer

Island hopping as early as February! The sun already started to show so we made sure to take advantage of it and started the summer with a bang. There were 20 of us in this trip! Crazy, crazy day.

Camiguin Trip

I’ve been on probably close to a hundred flights in my life but this was the first time I was in a propeller plane.

I went to Camiguin with two close friends from work. It’s a trip that we already planned since late last year. It was such a great time because we all needed that break, and I think if you just want peace of mind, Camiguin is the place to go. Also, the abundance of springs hot and cold!

IMG_8501 copy

Snaps from White Island. We were hesitant at first to go but we’re so glad we made it across. How could we not, when the island was right in front of our hotel?

Hometown Northtown

My mom and dad are both from Northern Cebu and I consider that such a great thing because when visiting the province I only have one to visit and it has everything I want: TLC, an amazing home cooked meal, our ancestral home, and just generally a place to rest and recharge.

You have to take advantage of amazing looking sunsets.

At my Aunt’s beach resort. I’m always here, probably 4-5 times a year tops, but it’s a place I never get bored of going to.

A hidden resort in the North where I brought a couple of friends with me.

I don’t know how to play golf but there’s something so grand about going to a driving range in the middle of summer.

Singapore Trip

A little backstory: This was probably the most jam-packed trip, ever. I had to fit so much in a span of less than 5 days. Initially it was supposed to be a sister trip. Jana and I had been wanting to get out of the country, just the both of us, especially since she was out of school for the summer. Then I find out my best friend was scheduled for her Singapore trip so I decided to book it during her dates so that we could bond again. We then started telling our Jakarta friends that we were going to Singapore and suddenly a trip for 3 became a trip for 7. It was also a coincidence (fate? destiny? doom?) that a certain someone was based there, not to mention the fact that I also planned that trip to meet my Singapore bosses. Phew. That was all a “mouthful” if I had to tell it into a story.

A lot of walking to be had.

Little India. The best thing about this trip is that we got to go to the least touristy places and did a lot of “local” stuff. Though we did reserve a day for Sentosa, I mean who wouldn’t?

IMG_9239 copy

Even though I was in Singapore, I still went to the beach! A good chunk of the day was spent in Siloso while our other friends explored Universal Studios. I’ve been there thrice, so others and I decided we would sit this one out and just make the most of the beautiful day to chill.. then we were off to our crazy weekend.

A view of Bras Basah / Bugis.

Haji Lane with my loves!

..and just like that, it was time to leave again 🙁


Gotta have one of those ‘feet on the dashboard’ photos when the sun is shining bright.

I turned 27! Whew! It was an extended birthday that lasted for a good 5 days spent with family, friends, extended friends, and nature.

Southbound Madness

This was a semi-spontaneous trip. What we planned: to go South! What we didn’t plan: where to go, who to go with, and what to do! Somehow we all figured it out at 7 in the morning before we headed for our mini adventure.

We ended up having a great time going to a 5-level waterfall of craziness! Each “level” was an obstacle to pass. We climbed, we huffed, we puffed, and cascaded each level with such fun! I would do it all over again. This was our trophy shot for making it to all 5 levels.

We closed the day with a couple of beers, and waiting for the sunset swimming in one of the nicest beaches in the south of Cebu.

Bohol Hohol

Bohol was spent with family for my mom’s birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip because it was exactly the summer ender I needed, and really helped me in more ways than one. We stayed in a beautiful resort and I cannot wait to go back! For now, I have all these lovely photos to to look back to.

10622785_10207140928460285_7168044429317744184_n copy

11038076_10207140922940147_3598739858280864265_n copy

11391251_10204413506366112_6997280223746195029_n copy

11403302_10204413574567817_7546911013313049928_n copy

I’ll be back 🙂


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