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Around The Web #2: Inspirational Edition

I’ve been reading a lot of “feel-good” or “get back on your feet” stuff online and it gave me the idea to do an Around the Web entry. This stemmed from the realization that no matter how shitty, down, lonely, depressed, helpless, low you feel, you are not alone. You are not singled out from any misery in life.

I came across a lengthy status from an old college friend on Facebook about how she was having a hard time, that she had no one to talk to, no shoulder to cry on, and despite having a husband and 2 lovely children she has never felt more alone than ever. Having a bit of a hard time myself, I told her that while I do not completely understand her situation, I know it’s not easy. That we all go through these tough ropes at some point in our life, but we have to constantly remind ourselves that this is all temporary, and at the end of the day we are all we have so we have to do our best to nurture ourselves, take care of ourselves, and most of all love ourselves.

Here are a few snippets from around the web that I hope will inspire you as much as they have been an inspirational read for me.

If your heart is beating, if your lungs are breathing, if you are still alive… then it is not too late to do something kind, creative, generous, satisfying, and courageous. Today.

It is not too late to behave like the person you want to be — instead of continuing in a cycle of behavior that you will regret.

The commitments you make to yourself are just as important, if not more so, than the commitments you make to everybody else.

Recently, I read this very powerful quote by August Gold: “To enter the conversation with Life we only have to change one key word: We have to stop asking, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ and start asking, ‘Why is this happening for me?’ When we can do this, we’re free.”

”Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

The well of loneliness may have run dry, but in its place there are pools of possibilities, lakes we have yet to dive into, oceans we can allow ourselves to drown in. Most of the time it still feels like the current is against me—there are still a lot of blank screens and empty pages—but on some days, good days, I can float on the assurance that my words are still safely within me, only swimming in a way that’s different and exciting and daunting and new.

Every person faces setbacks in life, I don’t know anybody whose not had face something difficult to get where they are today. There are so many circumstances that we cannot control but how we come back from them is totally in our power. Just because you’ve had something set you back doesn’t [mean] you’re a failure. We should never let those situations define us.


  1. Lou Castaneda says

    Yay! Thank you so much for this. That link you shared about “The only way out is through” is something I should embrace in my life. I love how inspiring it is!

    Lou |

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