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The Sunday Currently, v11

I am finally discharged from the hospital after being admitted for 3 days and 2 nights. I’m feeling the after effects of hospitalization right now.. my throat hurts day 3 post-op, my jaw kind of hurts, my tongue hurts, and a little bit of my chest hurts when I try to breathe heavily. I’m not allowed to cough, to exert any effort, lay down flat on my back (neck to head needs to be elevated), lift heavy stuff, or talk too loud. That’s the extent of my physical pain right now. All else, still a mix bag of emotions.

South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami. I’ve been on a roll with my reading lately. It seems like I’m reading a new book each time I write a new TSC post. I hoarded books for my recovery reading and I hope I get to finish them in a span of one week.

The only thing I can hear right now is the sound my room A/C. Truth to be told, I haven’t slept in my room for over a month now and I admit it feels a bit weird to be back in my bed again. I temporarily moved to my sister’s room the past month because I needed to “get away” from a previous routine and detach myself from a certain memory. I’m now back in my room because it’s bigger and more conducive to my recovery but I’m still getting a certain feeling that I wish would go away already. I guess I need to accept this and hopefully it will pass.

Nothing at the moment, but I just finished eating a quarter of a tub of strawberry ice cream that a close friend bought for me when I got home. That’s pretty much my diet for the upcoming days: ice cream and porridge. There are still a lot of restrictions after my tonsillectomy and if I want to get better ASAP then I have to strictly follow doctors orders. I’d rather be eating a burger than ice cream though, but I’ll take what I can get.

That my recovery goes well and there will be no post-surgery bleeding. The doctor says this likely happens and I’ve read a lot of instances where it does. Basically during the recovery process there’s a chance that your throat just bleeds randomly and you may have to be rushed to the ER for it. I’m crossing my fingers that this doesn’t happen and that I’ll have a smooth transition from surgery to recovery.

As much as I want to dodge this one I feel like I need to confront my thoughts but there are just too many right now. Career decisions, matters of the heart, health issues, money matters, too many! How do I segregate these thoughts properly so that it won’t overpopulate my already overpopulated mind?

How the family is complete right now. My dad arrived on the morning of my surgery and I am just so happy we are finally one unit again.

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