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The Sunday Currently, v16

Can you believe it’s already almost halfway through November? Time sure is running on the fast lane.

Sleepy! I stayed up last night catching up on Jimmy Fallon interviews then watched Trainwreck after. I didn’t know the movie was 2 hours long (I loved it!) and when I was done it was almost 5am this morning. Eeeeek. Had to wake up pretty early for church and brunch so now I’m trying not to fall asleep so I don’t end up missing the whole of Sunday night.

Justin Timberlake’s performance of Drink You Away during last week’s CMAs with Chris Stapleton. This song is from JT’s 20/20 album and also one of my buried favorites. I’m not familiar with Chris Stapleton because of my lack of country music knowledge but I am love-love-loving this performance. It must have been so great to be a part of the audience that watched this live. I love the whole soul x country marriage of talent!

Here’s another performance of Stapleton’s song this time, Tennessee Whiskey, which is equally great.

Mostly about my upcoming trip to Hong Kong at the end of this month! How to budget, what to shop for, places to see, things to eat. HK isn’t really my comfort zone unlike SG so there’s a bit of a nervouscited-ness (ya, I made that up) feeling coming over me. The last time I was in Hong Kong was I think the year 2006, save for airport transits after that. Disneyland had just opened then and this month is now its 10 year anniversary! I’m super excited for all the Disney festivities I’ll be encountering.

I had more money for everything! I thought I was going to be able to buy an iPhone this HK trip but I have 2 more International trips before the year ends so I had to re-allocate my money for other priorities. “Adulting” is so challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to financial discipline.

Roasted chicken. Gotta love Sunday dinners at home.

To make sure I have enough energy, vitamins, money, strength, and stamina to get through the rest of the year.

Gym shorts and an old Nudie Jeans white tee that has a huge stain the middle even after countless washes.

These 2 playlists from Buzzfeed’s 2 articles last week:

I just want to say: ALL these songs were my life growing up that I could have written the whole article myself and curated the playlists. The happiness of finding playlists like these two totally made my week that it caused me stop listening to Justin Bieber’s Sorry for a while.

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  1. Wow, November is flying by so fast. I didn’t realize we’re on the second week already! Golly. Have fun on your trips! The iPhone6 can wait – traveling is really much more valuable. I’m looking forward to your posts, of course!!! 🙂

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

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