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A Post Birthday Listicle

I may not blog as often, but I always make sure to have a blog up at the time of my birthday, whether a reflection, a recap, or just something to remember. No excuses!

  1. My birthday weekend was jampacked to say the least because I was in Manila for one of my best friend’s wedding on Saturday the 20th, and my birthday was on the 21st. That meant friends from Jakarta flew home to Manila. Double happies.
  2. I didn’t really have anything planned in terms of a celebration and just went with the waves. I had so much fun because I didn’t expect anything. I always have to remember that.
  3. My birthday was a celebration in itself because a good friend whom I met through twitter years ago got me tickets to ABS-CBN’s noontime show ASAP but even grander as it was Star Magic’s 25th Anniversary! Needless to say, I saw most of the local celebrities. Giddy and totally fangirl-ed!
  4. The weekend felt long and that was a great feeling because it meant I could treasure time with friends but at the same time when it was over it felt too short. Nevertheless whatever time we can get when we’re complete is a blessing in itself.
  5. Do I feel any different turning a year older? Definitely not. Whoever said that age is just a number needs to get a Pulitzer Award for phrases, if there was any.
  6. It’s my last year as a 20-something! I don’t feel any different. Maybe 30 finally will? We’ll have to see next year.

There it is, short and sweet. What will my 29th year bring in store for me? Will things be different next year or more or less the same? This year started on a good note with a new and a much more disciplined job which meant a bigger professional responsibility. I promise to learn and to always try my best to be happy, regardless of how old I am.


  1. I’m about a month late on this, but happy belated birthday! I will be 29 this year and then that’s my last year in my 20’s. It has me nervous. I’m scared of entering my 30’s for some reason.

    • Justine says

      Oh trust me, me too! Getting weirdly anxious over being 29 tbh. But they say it’s always like that but when you enter your 30s you’re good. I hope it’s the same for me. We’ll see next year. As for you you still have 2 more years so just enjoy it while you can 🙂

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