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My thoughts on Terrace House: Tokyo 2019–2020

If you, just like me, have been following Terrace House, and which lead you to have stumbled upon my Subjective Ranking posts one way or another (thank you!), you must know by now that this season didn’t fare the best in terms of its outcome.

Even with my excitement that it was coming back to Tokyo hoping that it would “go back to its roots” ITC style, in the beginning I already felt detached from it. I wanted to root for the new members and like them so much.

I didn’t hate the cast mates per se, I just didn’t feel the connection I used to have when I first got so attached to it, which made me an instant fan of the show from the beginning. I guess I was sort of in a Terrace-House-is-my-favorite-show bubble that I couldn’t not support it, so I soldiered on. I didn’t want to admit to myself that it wasn’t what I expected, because I was rooting for it so much.

Having said all that, Netflix international has decided to cut the season until Kaori’s departure, leaving out everything that happened after that. I followed the Netflix Japan schedule and was up to date with the progress of the show until the end, even when they took a short break and came back. With 2020 largely in limbo because of the pandemic, not only did they decide to halt filming and broadcasting, the biggest thing happened in Terrace House history is the passing of one of its members, Hana. It’s not my place to write about it and I only choose to comment and write about things based on what I see, but it was such an unfortunate incident that shook the whole fanbase and lovers of the show, including myself.

I will not be doing a subjective ranking of this season. It would be in poor taste to attempt to even do so.

I would, instead, like to thank Terrace House for being there for me the past 3 years and comforted me like a warm blanket. Because of the show, I became part of a Reddit (now Discord) community that bonded over episodes, the slightest bit of nuances, and panel interactions. It will leave a big impact in my life.


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