I go on a lot of blogging absences, mostly unannounced. The problem with long hiatuses is that when you try to get back on track it’s difficult because you don’t know where to start or how to oil the machine. I barely have readership anymore so I rely on the fact that I am now blogging for myself. I guess I blame all the other micro-platforms for making me lose my ability in full-time blogging. The need to construct sentences and paragraphs are turning out to be quite tedious.

My life is starting to take a backseat. I’m now back to weekends at home after constant partying since the end of last year. It’s a good change of pace, and I feel like my old self again. Listening to more music, watching more shows and movies, communicating with more people again.. but also leaves room for more thoughts that aren’t always pleasant. The perks of music blasting and alcohol constantly pumping your veins is its ability to be able to drown out unwanted feelings and thoughts.

On a lighter note, I’ve been participating in this Instagram project called #100HappyDays. It’s pretty self-explanatory, you find something that makes you happy every day for 100 days and post a corresponding photo. It’s a good exercise to appreciate the little things, because sometimes when we look for happiness we tend to look for the bigger picture, the WOW factor when sometimes it’s just as small as your local Starbucks finally getting your name right. So here’s my special tag for this series: #happyxjuicers and I’m currently on Day 43. Almost halfway there!

Here I am on my phone while waiting for all the backup restoration to be done.

I am back! The blog blacked out for the most part of the month because we were getting hacked here and there. And because—two sentence construction errors later—I have the best host ever, the process of putting everything back to its rightful place was near flawless.

Lots of email exchange and a new webhost provider later, here is a fresh Otherworldly. Hope you like it!

An early one this time! I got woken up at around 2:30 in the morning because I fell asleep before 12 (shocker) and I haven’t been able to sleep since. Will again try after this entry.

Reading my twitter feed.

Writing this entry! Comments on blogs I read. Instagram comments.

Listening to a car that’s revving outside. Seriously. Why do that at almost 5am on a Sunday? Rude.

Thinking about ahh, a lot of things, as usual. Mostly about what time I’ll wake up later considering the time right now. I want to watch That Awkward Moment!

Wishing for my core friends to push through with their Cebu trip this year.

Hoping for another good trip this year, overseas or anywhere in the Philippines. To be able to (or learn to) save money despite my spendthrift ways.

Wearing polka dot lady boxers and an old Victoria’s Secret tee.

Loving how this year has started on a good note.

Wanting to get a new iPhone. My 4S is starting to deteriorate.

Needing a cuddle buddy.

Feeling better. I’ve been sick with the flu, cough and tonsillitis for the most of January and it looks like it’s going away already. Been upping my vitamin intake for strong immune system! December was such a crazy month of events and it didn’t slow down much during January so with the rate my life has been going, I definitely need it.

I’ve probably mentioned this a lot in my blog posts or just to myself in general, but oftentimes I wonder what has changed in my life, or what’s new and I’m always left with the “same old, same old” initial answer. Then I give it more thought and I realize, so much has changed.

2014 has been a very interesting start for me. 2013 ended with new-found friends who have started becoming so dear to me, only to find out that one of them is leaving for good by the start of February. I wish her the best of luck and life, but I am saddened because I am also “physically” losing a good friend who I have grown to love in the consecutive weeks we all hung out in December.

I’m excited for what the rest of 2014 will bring. I used to always be apprehensive when a year starts, but this year I will try my best to just finally go with the flow. Let my fears become a part of me. Things doesn’t have to always go smoothly. I need to accept that there are many things I can’t control. I’ve decided to also take a small step in becoming more personal with this blog.

To end the note, Happy New Year of the Wooden Horse!

Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve written here. What made me finally write? I just paid for another year of domain name registration literally 3 minutes ago. I figured, I must write something right?

Last entry was October 13, 2013. Fortunately and unfortunately.. October, November and December were the craziest months of last year. The earthquake (and a BAJILLION of aftershocks) in Cebu, traveling back to Indonesia to attend my college best friend’s wedding, visit my dad, and bestest friends, second families and reunite with everyone, the #SuperTyphoon that shook not only the country, but also the world, my hometown getting hit badly, our ancestral home completely damaged, countless of relief efforts to help rebuild our town, traveling weekend after weekend just to help those in need, gathering donations and pledges (thank you generous people!) to further up the relief efforts, getting rewarded with a very colorful December, reuniting with old friends, gaining new best friends, and SO many events that made it such a crazy month. My December was the cherry on top to such a colorful year. Too blessed to be stressed.

That was a handful for a paragraph. I figured if I tried to enumerate each and every event I’d probably stop in the middle and click “Save Draft” and never come back to it again, like so many posts sitting on my drafts folder!

Here we are, on to 2014. It can only get better from here. Happy happy new year!