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The Sunday Currently, v34

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great new year and eve, to anyone who still reads this! I thought it would be nice to have a TSC entry today, considering the first day of the year falls on a Sunday. Let’s get it!

Pretty good but undoubtedly still anxious. Like every new year as of late I don’t feel any different and less hopeful due to the state of the world for the past few years, but I am always trying my best to not let it get to me and focus on the good even though it gets tough at times. Storms always pass, and that’s what keeps me going.

My YouTube recommendations after I was away for a week. Us The Duo just released their hits for 2022 and it’s always a nice compilation of all the hits we enjoyed the past year.

I admit I haven’t been reading books the past year, but I really want to change that this coming year. Obviously I can’t even do the 1 book a month anymore, but I’m just going to try and read some. I hope I can at least keep that up!

Nothing right now, but I had Mac & Cheese for dinner earlier.

About how blessed I was to be able to spend a part of my holidays with a complete family unit. My dad joined us in Singapore last week for a much needed family bonding time.

For the year to be kind to me, for me to be kinder to myself, and to not let my inner demons get me down so much like it did last year. I also hope to play more tennis and read more books this year. Most of all, I hope everyone has a better year than the last!

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