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My Summer Essentials

Summer may be over here in the Philippines, but it’s practically summer every day so there’s no reason to not write this entry. People look at me weird sometimes when I say I love summer, because I actually do. Sure, the heat and crazy humidity can get really unbearable at times, but there something about a bright day underneath a shining sun that just gets my spirits going.

1. Air-conditioning

I have to put this no. 1 on the list because come on let’s face it, if you have no access to A/C during Philippine summer, then you’re good as toast (literally).

2. A range of cute swimsuits

Summer means lots of planned or even random trips outdoors, which most likely involves the beach, especially if you live in my part of the country (yay, Cebu). It’s always good to prepare 2 or 3 swimsuits that look good on you whatever your body type is so that you feel confident to wear it under the sun. Plus it makes for really good photos!

3. A good book to read

You never know when you’re going to have free time under the sun (or indoors if too hot) so it’s always good to have a book to read for the summer. This summer I read Jojo Moyes’ One Plus One and absolutely fell in love with the story.

4. Sweat-proof makeup

This is extremely important. You wouldn’t want your makeup melting just because it’s too hot, right? This includes a good foundation or in my case a tinted moisturizer with the right amount of SPF, and waterproof eyebrow products. God bless my nonexistent brows!

5. Quality time with friends and family

I saved the best for last. What’s a fun summer without memories with your loved ones? I’m happy to say my summer has been exactly that. It was a very productive and fun summer for me that involved a number of trips to the beach, different islands, overseas, waterfalls, mountains.. and I’m thankful for that!

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  14. I haven’t heard of JoJo Moyes, but those book covers look VERY familiar… I’m going to download One Plus One to my Kindle – it looks like a great read! xo

    • One Plus One is a great light read that will tug your heartstrings! It’s the very first book I’ve read from her but she had a much more popular one called Me Before You that’s being made into a movie right now.

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  16. Time with family and friends- yes! This is such a wonderful essential. My mom is a teacher, so we’ve always spent the summer together- lunch, movies, shopping, manicures, etc. It’s all about the memories πŸ™‚


  17. Sweat proof makeup – it’s been so hard to find, I just don’t even bother with makeup anymore. Although, not always a good thing if I have an event like a wedding. But then I hope it’s indoors and there’s AC πŸ˜‰

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  19. I also feel like I do more with family during the summer! Memories are perfect for summer time because I feel so good in the sun and being outside with friends and family.

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  22. Living in Arizona with temperatures regularly over 110 during the summer, A/C is definitely an essential. I couldn’t live here without it!

    • Justine says

      I know, right? We also get summers here over 100 and it’s craaazy!

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