Everyday Personal Essentials

I just got back from Korea around 2 weeks ago (separate post for that later) and I went crazy over their beauty products (as I expected). I switched to using Asian products around 2 years ago when I realized American beauty products didn’t really sit well with my skin. That was when I discovered the wonders of what BB Cream did. I still use continue to use a couple of Western products like my MAC compact powder and some drugstore makeup brands like the Revlon blush that I use.

When I was in Korea, I found that Nature Republic was my favorite amidst all the others like Etude, Missha, Innisfree, Holika Holika, Saem, etc etc etc (there were SO MANY!) so that’s where I bought the most things.

I don’t use a lot of makeup daily but I can’t go out of the house looking like I just fell out of the shower anymore so I use a couple of daily essentials. Here they are!

Shiseido Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact – This is my number one. I can’t leave the house without putting this on. I can go naked but I must have this (LOL). I have almost nonexistent eyebrows (thanks, genes) so I look like this everyday. Not as gorgeous as Jessica Alba, but you get the drift.

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Glamourbox: March 2013

You may or may not know this about me but I quite like (read: love) to shop online. Back when I was in Jakarta I usually go to ASOS for bags, shoes and other accessories, and I join these forums and communities where everything is done in these three steps: choose, click, pay. I usually get the little things, from cosmetics to imported nail polish, to K-pop albums and whatnot. I even ordered this Japanese magazine from HMV Japan. Never thought it would reach me, but it did.

I thought I’d be robbed off this convenience here in Cebu but it turns out, the convenience to shop online in the Philippines is just as easy. I don’t usually post hereĀ–sorry for the lazinessĀ–but I’ve bought stuff from Lazada (a phone and earphones to name a few), and so many other online stores.

Not until few months ago where I was introduced to sample subscriptions by a friend. Basically you pay a small price (sometimes you don’t pay at all) to try sample a few things. Being the girl I that I am, this is something I’m super open to. It’s crazy. I’d get into it in a heartbeat. Bargain and convenience are my best words when it comes to shopping.

I’ve had quite a few samples delivered to me via sampleroom.ph and I’ve been happy with the results so far. I only have to pay less than $2 for shipping since I don’t live in the capital but it’s all been good.

I’ve been wanting to try Glamourbox out since late last year. The problem is, every time I try to sign up I never make it on time to register for the latest box coz it’s always sold out. Last month I finally got the slot to get the March 2013 and I was super excited.

The box arrived today. Sorry for the photos! Took them with a 50mm lens at 12 midnight in less than 3 minutes.


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