Josh Beech the Music Man

I have a feeling this “fangirling” posts are gonna go one after the other. This time, it’s the super hot Josh Beech. I’ve always had this soft spot for male models with tattoos. Usually the male models I see are all skinny, clean and boring. Ash Stymest, Josh Beech and Cole Mohr were probably the innovators of tattoo clad/post-modern models. Needless to say, I am a big fan of all three.

Photo by Luke Nugent

If it’s not obvious yet, my favorite is Josh Beech and this usually means hours of looking him up online (and documenting it). Finding the spreads he’s been part of, endorsements, runways he’s walked for… which lead to discovering that not only he is a model, but also a music man. His preference of music usually leans to alternative and rock of the 90s, which kind of reflects his style of music too. This is a video I found about a year ago and I couldn’t help but notice how his singing style sort of resembles Brandon Boyd of Incubus (which coincidentally, is my favorite band in the universe).

Snish was his first band, and being one of his early twitter followers I came to know that he had another band called Hildamay which boasted a deeper sound of rock, sort of underground. I guess he’s the type who’s constantly finding his own sound because it seems to me that Hildamay didn’t work for the long run despite countless amounts of gigs they did in the UK.

He’s now doing his own thing, together with two Johns and called themselves (you guessed it right) Josh Beech & The Johns. I spent what was left of my iTunes Store credits ($4) on his EP Burnt Out which THANK GOODNESS costs $3.96! I’ve been confused on what to spend it on but I finally found my answer. I’ve been looping the tracks since I bought it a few hours ago and even though it’s only 4 (technically 3 since one is an acoustic version).

GD&TOP Knocks Diplo Out Dumbfoundead

I’ve been a follower of Diplo’s remixes (given that I know and love the song) ever since I listened to his remix of Britney’s Circus about 2 years ago. I remember listening to that track so many times I think I preferred it over the original. Since then I’ve been on the lookout for his remixes, especially when he did Flashing Lights in Kanye’s Sky High remix album, and of course, the DFX remix of M.I.A’s Paper Planes in the Slumdog soundtrack, which added so much flavor to the already awesome song.

Fast forward about a year or two, I started getting into k-pop (much to my own surprise) and have been an avid enthusiast for one year now. GD & TOP, 2 of heavyweight group Big Bang‘s rappers released a collab rap album late last year and gave it a new flavor to the apparently vapid manufactured k-pop sound by describing their music as “ghetto electro” which, you guessed it, rhymes done in electro music. I loved almost all of the songs from the album, despite my poor understanding of the language and one particular track was one of my many favorites called KNOCK OUT (???? / Ppeokigayo).


GD&TOP released a music video for it and it’s probably one of my favorite k-pop videos of all time, if you actually consider it k-pop? One point in the video TOP shows the name DIPLO in big bold letters and I was wondering, what could be the relation to the song? Are they fans of the great DJ? Did he have something to do with the song? A couple of weeks later, Diplo tweets that he wants to move to Korea. He found out that the music video gained almost a million views overnight (thus lead to his knowledge about how “influential” k-pop is) and people had mad praise for the song. He then wrote a blog post confirming that not only did he have something to do with the song, he actually produced the beats. I have mad praise for this guy despite being slightly cocky and annoying (on twitter), heh.

I felt like writing about this because Dumbfounded, a really talented Korean-American rapper covered this song and put his own spin to it, luckily with American rhymes this time. I loved his take so much I ripped the song from YouTube and put it in my iPod. All thanks to the awesome great sexy Diplo for providing such a sick beat.

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Music I’ve Been Enjoying

I love music so much but I rarely ever blog about it enough. Even though I’ve always been a rock and alternative girl at heart, my listening preference is never limited to a genre, nor I bash the ones I don’t like. For example I may not understand Tokio Hotel, but Tokio Hotel can do whatever they want. Anyway, now’s the time I can finally talk about the tunes I’ve been enjoying lately.

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

It’s sad to say that pop wasn’t as great as when I was still a little girl. Maybe because I’m more open to other sorts of music now, plus Justin Bieber really doesn’t interest me. That being said, this track by Katy Perry is pure pop goodness. The lyrics, and the flow, it takes you back to memories and makes you feel like you’re in love again. I love it because despite the heavy falsetto in the verses, the chorus is super catchy. Great for a karaoke night with your girlfriends.

Maroon 5 – Give A Little More

I usually have difficulty explaining why I like a certain track. I wish it would be as easy to say, “Oh because it sounds good,” But writing this post, I want to be able to describe how I feel when I listen to something. The eccentric beats on this track is so feel-good, makes you just wanna bop your head and move your body in a groove. It’s so good I can’t even explain it, and it’s something only Adam Levine can pull off with his vocals. If this track didn’t have his voice, I don’t think it would sound as good. I’ve always enjoyed what Maroon 5 releases in terms of singles, and this is no different. It’s infectious.

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West – Erase Me

Ever since I started listening to Cudi I’ve always been confused what to call him. Is he a rapper, or is he a singer? I guess it’s safe enough to just call him an artist. His Man on the Moon album last year was one of my top listens and transcended what rappers usually do, and the music of his musical environment puts out there. This track is no different. I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised. With the help of Kanye (incidentally one of my favorite rappers too–despite what he does outside music), not only does it add as a special ingredient, but there’s no denying that the collaboration is a hit. Cudi will forever be so “indie” to me lol.

Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie

This had to come up didn’t it? It was bound to, because it deserves all the publicity it’s been getting. Not a fan of what the song conveys, but Eminem has really hit the jackpot with this single. Speaking as one of Eminem’s biggest fangirls ever since 6th grade (my room was 80% filled with Eminem it even worried my mom at one point, causing her to write a letter to me that she feared for my Eminem obsession lol) at this point it’s safe (and brave) for me to say that Eminem will never lose it. He may fall down at one point, like as much as I hate to admit it I wasn’t a big fan of Relapse. Crack A Bottle was the most solid track (IMO) and I was so happy when Forever came out of Refill, I even cried (sshh). I had been waiting for an album as strong as The Eminem Show and Recovery was the answer. Hooray!

Robyn – Hang With Me

BODY TALK 2!!! BODY, TALK, 2!! I absolutely loved Body Talk Pt1 and when Body Talk Pt 2 came out, especially with an album version of Hang With Me, one of my favorite tracks from Pt1 but with an acoustic arrangement, I was ecstatic. This song has been on repeat on my iPod and it usually gets played when I’m in the car contemplating about a lotttttt of things. It digs up so much from inside. One day I will be able to sing it with great feeling. One day I will.

Now for the rest of the albums..

These are the few albums which have also been on my listening list lately. The Orchard by RRR, The Suburbs by Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens’ All Delighted People EP (I MEAN HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE SUFJAN–guy’s a genius!) have been anticipated albums for me because of how much I loved its predecessors. But you see, I also love k-pop as much as every other fangirl out there, so I won’t eliminate a genius k-pop album this year by Taeyang. It’s been greatly produced and it’s hitting the worldwide R&B charts like no other despite it being another language. The flow and Taeyang’s voice really just shines.