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Adding Salt to the Wound

I took one of them color quizzes again, and the results surprised me as always. But from the many I’ve tried before.. this has got to be the most accurate as of late. I guess it’s also due to the fact that I haven’t taken any of these lately.

Your Existing Situation
Needs excitement and constant stimulation. Willingly participates in activities that are thrilling and offer adventure.

Your Stress Sourcessince I don’t have a relationship I’m viewing this as my relationship with the people around me and maybe the world in general
“Unhappy in her current situation or relationship, but is unwilling to change things due to her need for acceptance and belonging. Refuses to be seen as weak and although she is resistant to give too much to the relationship, she stays committed in order to feel the attachment. The situation depresses and irritates him, causing restlessness and impatience. She is seeking some sort of escape from the situation either physically or mentally, which affects her ability to concentrate.”

Your Restrained Characteristics
“Demanding and picky in her relationships, but careful not to bring out conflict or disagreements and this may decrease her chances of achieving her goals and ideas.”

Is bothered when her needs and desires are misunderstood and she feels there is no one to turn to or rely on. Her self-centered attitude can cause her to be easily offended.

“Willing to become emotionally involved, but is demanding and picky when choosing a partner. Is careful not to bring out conflict or disagreements as this may decrease her chances of achieving her goals and ideas.”

Feels as if too many walls and obstacles are standing in her way and that she is being forced to make compromises. she needs to put her own needs on hold for the time being.

Your Desired Objective
“Searching for a life free of problems, stress, and drama. Wishes to find security and peace, so that she may relax.”

Your Actual Problem
Feeling anxious and restless frustration toward current situation or unfulfilled emotional requirements are causing stress. Tries to escape into a conflict free environment where she feels a sense of security and can relax and recover.

There have been some things that I’ve been trying to figure out which involve big steps (in life) on my part but I still haven’t made a decision. Being vague about it also seems like I’m running away but truth is I just don’t know how to decide! I’m always saying I hope this I hope that but truth is I just want to make my mind already, I’m just waiting for some unknown force that will influence me to make that big decision. Influence, will you come faster? Hmm, who am I kidding.

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  1. Wow, I’ve been feeling the same way lately, |: . It’s a suckish feeling. I can never make up my mind about almost anything, and I don’t know how to decide. I’m always asking myself about the possible alternatives, and the consequences for all the decisions I make. It drives me insane how I can’t seem to make a decision, Dx. And stick to it . . .

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