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Still Wise

Two days ago (Friday) I had my wisdom tooth taken out. It’s been bothering me for years. After a few days and a few painkillers it would just go away but last few weeks have been hell. My tonsils and gums would take turns in swelling so I finally gave in and went to the dentist. I’ve been having trouble eating and swallowing and it was killing me.┬áHe suggested to pull my left wisdom teeth because they’ve been causing too much pain already and not in the right position.

Friday came and it was freaky. The minute I sat into the dentist chair I held my phone in my hand tweeting every experience I felt to keep my mind off it. When the dentist injected the anaesthesia into my gums I just started shaking uncontrollably. I don’t know if that was one of the effects but I couldn’t stop shaking. He then performed the procedure. Pulling the upper wisdom tooth went by like a breeze because it wasn’t a problem. The lower tooth however, was major. You see, the tooth was stuck beneath my gums so he had to cut my gums open, break my tooth into pieces so it was easy to pull out, then stitch my gums back together. I could see it in my mind how he used the scalpel to cut my gums even though I couldn’t feel it and the grill, oh goodness the GRILL WAS CRAZY it was deafening. An hour later the procedure was done (finally).. he had a hard time pulling it out but good thing it was over. He stitched my gums back with what looked like a black nylon thread.

Because of the anesthesia I couldn’t feel half of my mouth so when I gargled and spit I couldn’t aim the water to the basin! That had to be the funniest part.. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself (at least I provided comic relief for myself). Then the bleeding, and the excessive drooling without me feeling it.. it was hilarious. After the anesthesia wore off that’s when the pain started. The painkillers weren’t doing it for me so I called the dentist crying and he upped the dosage. Friday and yesterday had to be the most painful stage. My left cheek gradually swelled and swelled and even now it’s still big and I look fatter than I already am but at least the pain has subsided a little.

Even though the past 2 days’ pains have been a bitch looking back at it I don’t regret it. I’d rather have immense pain at once than endure pain for a long time. I’m looking forward to 100% recovery soon so I can go back to normalcy.


  1. Whoah. I can’t think of anything to say. Must’ve been painful like yeah!!! I’ve had four pastas (Whatever you call it. You know when they fill in cavities.) when I was about 12. I brag to my friends about it coz I thought that was pretty intense. Haha! But reading this… Wow. Haha! Having your gums cut open and breaking your tooth? Wow!

    Hope you fully recover soon! =D

    Bloghopping BTW. =D

  2. Gaah. I hope you feel better now, and that your gums are recovering well. This has gotten me a bit scared about my own wisdom teeth. Your description sounds scary…

    On the bright side… if you were able to go through that, your prospective tattoo should be a total breeze.

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