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Two Peas in Singapore

I just came back from my short but so awesomely sweet Singapore trip with one of my best girlfriends, Novella. We’ve been planning to have a trip ever since we both graduated last February. We went to Perth, Australia with our families for graduation but we decided we needed to go somewhere just the both of us. Lots of suggestions came up. Bali, back to the Philippines, Thailand or any fun budget destinations then up until a month ago when we got together quickly we decided to go to Singapore instead. It was totally shotgun, and with super cheap tickets we decided to give it a go. I go to Singapore a couple of times a year and I never tire of it. Fast forward a month later, we were off to our 3 day mini holiday.

With her job and mine, it was quite difficult to ask for a longer vacation but we took whatever we could get. We pretty much knew Singapore already and Universal Studios and hanging out and having some girl time was what really mattered.

We had a funny arrival, from missing our MRT stops, and elderly couples asking for a photo with us because we were “beautiful ladies” (I almost snorted when I heard that), and going totally hungry because it was 2pm and we hadn’t had lunch yet. But overall the first day was eventful. Shopping, dinner, karaoke and drinks with friends. We didn’t have to pay a single cent for accommodation because a kind-hearted soul let us stay in his place.

Day 2 was Universal Studios day. We ventured out late in the morning and stayed until after the sun came down. It was probably one of the most tiring days of my life. With karaoke the night before and sleeping almost til dawn I didn’t get to prepare myself, but we still survived. Went through almost all the rides except The Mummy (because I’m a scaredy-cat for indoor coasters–seriously, how did I ever get through Space Mountain in Disneyland)? Universal Studios is very mini, but still so much fun at the same time, and we definitely made the most of it. We screamed, we ran, we got wet from the rapids, took loads of photos, stuffed our face with overpriced theme park food, met people, played with the theme park employees, and I don’t know what was up with the park acts trying to attack us (e.g. Frankenstein who was so relentless in freaking us out).

That night was even more tiring because we had a dinner invitation from friends, and hung out with more friends later that night which consisted of games and margaritas. We ventured out to Clarke Quay and spent some much needed time catching up with friends and laughing our asses off. The whole drinking game continued in my friend’s apartment, Grey Goose in tow and no mercy for dear life. To cut a long fun story short, I was utterly knackered from head (alcohol) to toe (walking). The next few hours were a blur and we found ourselves awake in the early noon to do even more shopping, sightseeing, people-watching and foodtripping before our flight later that night. So there we were walking the streets of Orchard looking like zombies. We eventually did everything we had to do, and set out to prepare for our late night flight.

We did some major airport shopping before our flight and by the time we got to the boarding gate I was completely exhausted like no other person in this world. Time went by SO fast, we were having so much fun. The minute I arrived Jakarta I knew some sort of parasite was building up in my body. 4 days after that I was in sick and I’m just recovering now, but already back to work. I wouldn’t trade those crazy 3 days with my girl for anything though. I’ve traveled alone many times, but nothing beats traveling with someone.

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